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Make Phone Calls with Pre-recorded Messages

Enough people have requested it, so Mobile Text Alerts has decided to deliver.  You now have the ability to make automated phone calls using your text alert system.


Not everyone has a phone that can receive text messages (although most do!)  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop way to get information to everyone on your list?  When you include the ability to send out a text message with the ability to make an automated phone call, we’re talking 100% coverage on getting information to your group.  Whether they have a cell phone, and landline, or a walkie talkie (maybe not so much the walkie talkie..) they can receive the information you are trying to get out.

So how does it work?

There are many different ways that this can be set up for you, but the most common is to send out text messages to everyone, and if text messaging isn’t available for a certain number in the system (because they are a landline, or possibly just don’t have text messaging enabled on their phone) then the system will instead call the member with a customized, prerecorded message.

This service will not be included on our standard text message plans.  We’ve found that most of our customers prefer the ease and straightforwardness of a text-message-only system.  If you would like to add the ability to send out pre-recorded messages as part of your Mobile Text Alerts account, contact us and we can get you information about pricing and implementation.

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