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Looking for a little cash on the side?

Looking for a little cash on the side?  Looking to buy your wife that special mothers day present?  Want to go on that special vacation?  Want to have a few extra dollars to give to those around that you see in need?  Mobile Text Alerts is currently looking for resellers!



Are you one of those people that is always looking for a side business?  A way to supplement your income?  Millions of these people exist, but so few ever come up with a brand new product or service.  Why not borrow from some of the success of another company?  Why not let them (us) do the hard work, and you just go around and sell?

Reselling is really a win-win situation.  We win, because you sell our product and bring us more customers.  You win, because you get a percentage (up to 50%!) of every customer that you bring in.

Traditional reselling programs for products (such as Amazon) can be extremely lucrative.  Many people make their entire living simply from reselling Amazon’s products.  But reselling a service like Mobile Text Alerts is even better.  Why?  Because Mobile Text Alerts has RMR (Recurring monthly revenue).

When you bring in a customer, they don’t just buy once — they pay a monthly fee.  And the best news for you as a reseller is that you receive a share of the profit every month for the lifetime of the customer.

Once you’ve done the original selling, your work is done, but you continue to receive profit month after month while sitting on your couch without even lifting a finger.


Does this sound like something you are interested in?  Contact us, and we can get you started reselling Mobile Text Alerts today.

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