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Listening to Customer Feedback

Part of good customer service for any company is listening to customer feedback. Most customers don’t really care that they ran into a problem, what they mostly want when they look for customer support is that they were heard.



Many of our clients accomplish this by sending a quick text message to their customers after interactions or purchases that says “How would you rate our service so far?” Or “Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve our service?” and allowing a response from the customer. You could send this out via email, but studies have found that email-survey response rates average at around 4%. That means out of 100 surveys sent out, you might only get 4 in response. Compare this to text message survey reply rates that can be as high as 50%.

Not only does obtaining customer feedback in this way keep your customer happy, but it helps you improve your product or service. Chances are that if one customer needs something a certain way, or has a certain issue, other people may have a similar issue.

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