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Integrate Mobile Text Alerts with Other Services Using Zapier!

Did you know you can integrate your Mobile Text Alerts with other services using Zapier? Although we’ve had the Zapier integration available for a while, our app is now public on Zapier! 

All you have to do to get the integration started is to click the “Integrate with Zapier” button under the Subscribers->Integrations tab on your Mobile Text Alerts control panel:

When you click that, it should prompt you to log in with your Zapier account (or sign-up with Zapier).

Once logged in, you can then create a “Zap” with Mobile Text Alerts as the Action app (note that the Trigger function does not currently work, so Mobile Text Alerts cannot be used as the Trigger app). You will need an API key to connect your account for the Zap, which we can provide for you if you contact us.

See some of the possible integrations here!

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