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Increase Attendance to These 15 Church Events with Text Alerts

Increase Attendance to these 15 church events with text alerts

I forgot.

I didn’t know.

It just slipped my mind.

I was busy.

How many times have church leaders heard those phrases, and other similar phrases, as reasons why congregation members didn’t show up to an event?  Sometimes all that people need is a simple reminder—a gentle little push can be just the thing they need to convince them to attend a church event.

One of the major advantages of text alerts is the ability to increase attendance to your events by sending these kinds of simple reminders.  Studies show that text message reminders can significantly decrease non-attendance rates in terms of keeping medical appointments, and the same concept may be applied to church events.

Here are 15 events for which you can use text messaging to increase attendance.

  1. Bible Studies

Whether it’s a weekly study, a monthly study, or a one-time event, send text messages to increase the attendance of your church’s Bible studies.

  1. Prayer Meetings

Encourage your congregation to participate in your regular (or irregular) prayer meetings.

  1. Concerts

Is your church hosting a special concert?  Text alerts are a great way to get the word out.

  1. Potlucks

Use text alerts to remind members of dates and times as well as letting them know what kind of food they need to bring.

  1. Picnics

Remind your congregation about the event and send another quick text alert to cancel the event if you get rained out.

  1. Children’s Events

Fill parents in on info regarding children’s camps, AWANA, music programs, or any other children’s event.

  1. Evangelism Meetings

Give members the nudge they need to join in your church’s corporate evangelism.

  1. Retreats

Make sure your congregation is fully aware about the details surrounding upcoming church retreats.

  1. Vacation Bible School

For many churches, VBS is one of the biggest children’s events of the year—use text alerts to make the most out of promoting and informing members about it.

  1. Holiday Services

Let people know about Christmas services, Easter services, Thanksgiving services, or any other holiday events.

  1. Women’s and Men’s Events

Is there a women’s study coming up?  A men’s breakfast?  Get people in the know.

  1. Classes

Encourage congregation members to attend special classes offered by your church.

  1. Service Events

Help ensure that people actually show up to contribute when your church hosts a service event.

  1. Conferences

If your church holds a bi-annual or annual conference of some sort, text alerts are an effective way to get the word out.

  1. Youth Events

Make sure that your teens/pre-teens (and their parents) are aware of camps, hang-out nights, service days, Bible studies, or any other event offered by your youth group.


This list just scratches the surface of how text alerts can be used to increase attendance for your church’s events.  So what are you waiting for?  Try it out for yourself!

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