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Improve Your Family’s Wellbeing (YMCA Lincoln NE)

All right, it’s time to get your hands ready (you know you can’t resist), because what I want to talk about today is the “Y… M… C-A”!  (Cue hand motions.)


The Y

Seriously, though, apart from the catchy song, what’s so great about the YMCA?  Since many YMCA’s have chosen to utilize Mobile Text Alerts’ services, we have become more acquainted with what the organization does and what it is all about.  Lincoln, NE, is an example of a city with a thriving YMCA that contributes to a thriving community.  The city has four functional locations plus a youth sports center.  In addition, Camp Kitaki is available for kids age 7-17 in the summer, as well as different campouts at different times throughout the year.


Youth Development

In fact, youth development is a huge focus for YMCA’s across the world.  Many of their locations offer camps, childcare services, educational programs, food programs, and physical activity opportunities for youth.  Youth are, after all, the foundation and future of our society, so it makes sense that we would want to focus on their development.


Healthy Living

In addition to youth development, healthy living is a major emphasis of the YMCA.  This includes healthy living for kids, families, communities, and individuals.  The idea is that physically and emotionally healthy people make for a healthy community.  YMCA’s offer equipment and programs to contribute to people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.


Social Responsibility

A third emphasis of the YMCA is social responsibility.  They seek to give communities resources to help deal with social problems.  Because it is an international organization, the YMCA is able to make an impact not only locally but globally as well.  The Y offers opportunities for volunteering, and focuses on advocacy to help bring about social change.


So with all these positive contributions to the community I guess it’s true what the Village People say: “It’s fun to stay at the YMCA!”


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