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Improve Customer Support with Text Alerts

Direct TV installations has been using text alerts for a couple of years now in order to improve customer support. They send their customers a friendly text alert letting them know “Your installation technician will be at your house in 1 hour!” How often has a service provider been scheduled to come visit your house, and you have no idea when they are actually going to show up?



For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get my underground sprinklers serviced by a company here in Lincoln. Three times I have called, they have said “We will come sometime soon,” and two weeks later my sprinklers remained un-serviced, and that company now is going to have to live without my business. Had they sent a simple text alert “We are booked this week, we are able to come May 20th,” they may have gotten my business.

Direct TV also takes advantage of text alerts in after an installation has been preformed: “Your Direct TV Was installed yesterday.If you have issues with your system, call/text your local office at ########## for immediate response.”

This keeps customers happy on both ends of your service visit, and keeps them coming to you next time, when they need additional service.

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