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Import BLESS Orders for Loyalty Rewards

We have implemented a new way for LuLaRoe retailers to automatically run their loyalty rewards program using Mobile Text Alerts by exporting orders from BLESS. Here’s how it works.

Step 1

Login to your BLESS account



Step 2

Go to your ‘Complete Orders’ page
Complete Orders Page



Step 3

Choose the date range you would like to export orders for. Mobile Text Alerts will ignore orders you have already imported, so you don’t need to worry about importing duplicate orders.
Select Your Date Range



Step 4

After choosing your date range, click the ‘CSV’ button to download a spreadsheet of the orders.
Export Orders



Step 5

Login to your Mobile Text Alerts control panel, and go to the ‘Loyalty Rewards‘ page.
Loyalty Rewards Page



Step 6

Click the ‘Import BLESS Orders’ button to be taken to the BLESS orders import page.
Import BLESS Orders Page



Step 7

Upload the spreadsheet of orders that you exported from BLESS.
Import BLESS Orders

Mobile Text Alerts will add the appropriate rewards from your BLESS orders and give you a summary.

We hope you find this helpful!


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  • I followed these steps and a report was ran. However, when I look at the loyalty screen, none of the numbers were updated. When I look at the report screen for messages sent, the messages for how many stars were earned were sent to zero subscribers. What’s going on?

    • Hi Robin,

      Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the delayed response on here but it looks like you were able to get a hold of us on our contact page. Feel free to respond to the support ticket with any additional questions.


    • Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for your comment! Sorry for any confusion. If you do not see an “import BLESS orders” option then you may need to go into your Settings and select LuLaRoe as your industry so the system can correctly detect that your account is with LuLaRoe.

      Feel free to reach out to with any other questions!


  • I followed the instructions, but instead of giving me a report for the date range that I selected, it ran a report of all of my customers, and all of their purchases. This is not helpful at all.

  • I need the option for credit given only for full price items or the ability to manually add a customer without having to go through these steps and upload the spreadsheet.

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment! It looks like you submitted a support ticket and we were able to respond there. The upload will count any non-$0 purchases, but you can manually remove rows in the spreadsheet if you don’t want the orders counted. Or you can remove specific items under the “Item Names” column on your spreadsheet (the “|” symbol in the Item Names column is how the system tracks multiple purchases in a single order).

      You can also manually add or remove rewards for your existing subscribers anytime on the Loyalty Rewards page. Feel free to respond to the support ticket or reach out to with any questions!

  • I uploaded and everything went just fine BUT one of my customers who had 9 purchases says she has an available reward. Prior to uploading I set the reward number to 10. I am not sure why it gave her a reward. Is there a way that I can manually remove it?

    • Hi Carly, sorry for any confusion! If you click on the row of the subscriber on the Loyalty Rewards page, it will highlight the row. Then you can scroll down and enter the number of purchases you would like to remove for the subscriber (so if she should have 9 purchases but it gave her a reward for making 10 purchases, you can enter 1 under “Number of purchases” and click the “Remove” button to put her back at 9).

      If you have further issues or would like someone to help troubleshoot feel free to reach out to!

      Take care,

    • Hi Beth, currently you are able to keep track of loyalty rewards manually but the only system we have integrated with in regards to importing orders is Bless for LuLaRoe. However, if you were interested in getting an integration set up for loyalty rewards for your own company, feel free to reach out to and we may be able to get something set up for you!