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HR Text Alerts: 5 Uses for Your Office

Do you ever get frustrated at missed memos, emails, and announcements in your workplace? Ever thought about HR text alerts?

But what use would a text alert system be in an office? Could it really be useful?

The answer is yes!

Here are some ideas for how to use text alerts for your office or workplace.

hr text alerts

1. Use HR text alerts for payroll

You can use text alerts to give employees updates on payroll information.

You can include information such as the amount they earned, their take-home pay, and how many hours they work, and they’ll have the info easily accessible on their phone for quick reference.

2. Use HR text alerts for event announcements and reminders

Sending text alerts is a quick and efficient way to get info out to all your employees about events.

When’s the Christmas party? What time is the next team meeting? Was that big client coming in on Monday or Tuesday?

Questions like these can be easily answered with a quick text. And you can send friendly reminders as events draw closer to keep the info fresh in people’s minds.

3. Use HR text alerts for policy updates

Implementing a stricter dress code? Starting up “casual Friday”? Making changes to your “clock-in” system?

Send out a text to remind people about these changes to help ensure that everyone is on the same page!

4. Use HR text alerts for office closings

One situation that can be very stressful is trying to communicate to a large number of people if offices are closed.

When the weather outside is frightful, never fear! Instead of scrambling trying to make phone calls and send out emails and hope people get the memo, send out a quick text.

5. Use HR text alerts for emergencies

A text alert is a valuable tool in emergency or urgent situations. It’s easy to pick up your phone and sent out a text when time is of the essence so take advantage of that!

These are just a few possible uses for text alerts in your office or business. You may have some other uses that fit your own unique situation, so why not run with it?

Texting is clearly more effective than emailing and social media- It makes sense to use it to communicate important info within the office.

So what are you waiting for? Try a free test account today to get a feel for how it works. (You can view some frequently asked questions here.)

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