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How to Set Up Text Alerts: 8 Use Cases

Ever wondered if you should send text messages for your business or organization? Not sure how to set up text alerts?

Texting is how people communicate in this day and age.

Young or old, rich or poor, it is a common medium that the majority of people use. So it makes sense that you would want to use it for your organization.

But the questions is, how? What kinds of texts should you send?

Here I’ll go through 11 use cases and then I’ll explain how to set up text alerts.

(Note that some messages have been edited for privacy or clarity.)

How to set up text alerts

8 Use Cases

Loyalty Rewards

Text alerts can help you and your customers keep track of their loyalty and rewards:

“You just earned 2 loyalty stars from Jane’s Boutique! You now have 8 stars, and are 2 stars away from a free reward!”

Account Updates

Text alerts can convey important updates and information about your clients’ account:

“Account 33498 now has payout documentation on file.”

Office Updates

Text alerts can keep your employees in the know on updates relevant to their job, such as information on a job site:


Client Notifications

Text alerts can notify your clients/customers in the event of an important update, such as a bus delay:

“Date: 03/11/19
Time: 5:30p
Bus: 9709
Route: 321-54
Location: 23rd Street and Auburn Ave
Reason: Traffic
First scheduled pick up: 4:45p
Actual time: 5:17p
Comments: 9709 is 18min down.”

Customer Reminders

Text alerts can notify and remind customers about now products or other pertinent info:

“Make sure to get your Caroline pre-order in!!! You get to pick the print! I’m only ordering to cover pre-orders! [Include link to Facebook group.]”

Employee Instructions

Text alerts can provide instructions for employees on what they need to be doing:


Sales Announcements

Text alerts can notify customers about sales to help drive purchases:

“St. Patty’s Day Leggings now 50% off! Plus brand new Maria, Lynnae and more added to the link: [Include link.]”

Activity Notifications

Text alerts can increase customer engagement by notifying people about activities you’re running:

“We are playing deal or no deal in Rachel’s group! Come on in and join! A fun way to get a great deal on awesome pieces!”

How to Set Up Text Alerts

These are just a few examples of the kinds of notifications you can send.

Virtually any business or non-profit organization can benefit from being able to send these kinds of mass text messages.

And setting it up is a breeze! All it takes is an internet connection.

Signing Up

Just go to and click Get Started.

The system will ask for some information to set up your account, and once all of that is entered your account will be set up and accessible immediately.

Getting Subscribers

Once you’ve signed up, the next step is to get subscribers (contacts) added in to your text alert database.

If you already know people want to receive your messages, you can add in their information manually, or you can have them subscribe by texting in a keyword for your account or going to your free sign-up page.

Sending Messages

Once you have contacts loaded, the next step is actually sending the message.

You can do this easily from the Send a Message page by selecting when you want your message to go out and whom you would like your message to go to.

Then all you need to do is type out the content for your message and click “Send”!

Learning how to set up text alerts doesn’t have to be a daunting and scary task! Take one step at a time and you’ll soon be a pro.

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