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Getting Started: How to Set Up a Text Alert System

Many of you know that you need to be sending texts for your business or organization. But one question we get asked often: How do I get started? Here I’ll explain how to set up a text alert system.

Step 1: Select a text provider

You may have already completed this step if you’ve selected Mobile Text Alerts.

But even if you want to go with another provider, the point is to find someone you’re comfortable with – someone that offers all the features you need and a price that works for you.

Do a comparison and select the one that works for you. (If you haven’t already, feel free to sign up for a free test account here.)

Step 2: Add subscribers

A good text alert system will allow you to add subscribers (contacts) in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Adding contacts manually
  • Having people text in a keyword to subscribe
  • Having people go to an online sign-up form to subscribe

With Mobile Text Alerts, if you already know someone wants to receive your messages you can add their number manually from the Subscribers tab, either individually or by importing a spreadsheet.

Or you can tell people to text in a particular word to a particular number in order to be automatically subscribed. You can find/edit keywords on your account under the Keywords->Manage Keywords tab.

Lastly, you can tell people to go to your account’s free online sign-up page. This will take them to a form they can fill out to sign up. You can find the link to your account’s form under Subscribers->Sign-Up Page.

Step 3: Send messages

Once you have subscribers loaded into your account, you are ready to start sending messages.

Sending messages is as simple as going to the Send Message section of your text alert account.

From there you will select when the message should be sent, who it should go to, and what the message should say.

These are the bare basics of how to set up a text alert system up and running. Not too scary! ­čÖé

You are welcome to reach out to with any questions or if you need any help getting set up!

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