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How to Send Mass Text Messages

how to send mass text messages

There’s a problem.

You want to send a mass text message. Maybe you want to give an announcement to your employees. Or maybe you’re a pastor and you want to let your congregation know that you’re canceling church services.

Or maybe you just have a really large family and want to let them know where to meet for lunch!

What’s the problem with all of that? Simply this: phone service providers have no easy way to send texts to a large number of people.

So what’s the solution? I’m going to walk you through how to send mass text messages.

Step 1: Set up a mass texting system

Our services at Mobile Text Alerts allow you to store a system of mobile numbers and send out mass text messages.

Our plans are organized according to how many subscribers you have in your database to receive your messages. Once you select a plan, fill out the information and you can set up your system in seconds.

You can view the different plans here or sign up for a free trial here.

Step 2: Add subscribers

Once your system is all set up, the next thing you need to do is get your numbers added so you can send your messages!

There are 3 ways you can add numbers to your system-

  • You can have your subscribers text a keyword of your choice in to 662-200-4303 (or you can purchase a keyword on a short 5-digit number) and they will be automatically added to your system.
  • You can have your subscribers sign-up on an automatically-generated sign-up page.
  • You can add subscribers manually from your control panel or by uploading a spreadsheet.

Step 3: Send a message

After you load your numbers into your system, you’re all ready to send out your mass message!

There are a few different ways you can send out a message-

  • Visit the “Send Message” section on your control panel after logging in to our website. From there you can select your recipients, type out your message, and hit “Send.” See detailed instructions here.
  • Download our mobile app for iOS or Android and send messages from the control panel on your phone or tablet.
  • Send a message by texting in to our system from your phone.

Knowing how to send mass text messages will enrich your communication. And it’s a breeze to get the hang of!

Now get out there and start texting.

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