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Don’t Get Ghosted: How to Send Mass Text Messages to Millennials

How to Send Mass Text Messages to Millennials

Have you ever been ghosted?

Unless you’re on a dating app, you may not be familiar with the latest trend that’s becoming increasingly popular with millennials, or those between the ages of 22 and 36.

Ghosting, as it’s known, is when a person suddenly disappears from a conversation, usually in text form, and never returns.

There’s no goodbye or explanation and oftentimes the other person (aka the sender) leaves off with an open ended question or text that never gets answered.

So what does any of this have to do with you?

If you’re marketing to millennials via text, which many brands do since this generation has an estimated $200 billion buying power, you could be ghosted if you’re not careful.

The good news is today’s guide will give you a better understanding of how to send mass text messages to millennials to avoid this situation.

Follow these tips and you’ll learn how to keep millennials engaged so they continue to build brand loyalty instead of dropping from your list and unsubscribing like digital flies.

So here’s what you’ll need to do first:

Use Preferences at Signup and Keep Track of These

For millennials especially, it’s crucial that your brand finds the right balance when it comes to communicating via text.

If you send too many messages, you’ll annoy your subscribers and ghosting you becomes a definite possibility. Or worse, they’ll just click the unsubscribe button altogether.

On the flipside, if you don’t send enough texts, you’ll lose all the positive momentum you created getting your young subscribers to join your list in the first place.

So what’s the solution to all of this?

Instead of guessing, find out how often your millennial customers (or all of them for that matter) actually want to hear from your brand.  

You can and should do this in your initial welcome text.

When someone signs up, your initial text to them should include:

  • A welcome and thank you for signing up statement
  • A link to a short survey

Instead of mentioning the survey specifically, simply leave off your text with a message similar to this:

We don’t want to annoy you and only want to keep in touch as often as you’d like. Click the link to tell us how often you’d like to hear from us.

This puts the ball in their court and gives them the freedom to choose, two things millennials always appreciate.

From there, make sure someone from your team is tracking these answers somewhere.

Stick to these preferences when you send texts and follow this next tip when it comes to your messages and you’ll be off to a good start.

Keep Your Message Short and Full of Authenticity

Did you know millennials check their phone, on average, as many as 150 times per day?

That doesn’t mean they’re spending half their day reading messages, rather, this just shows how often they’re checking in.

And when they do, they’re actually more likely to scan their messages instead of reading all of them in their entirety. So knowing how to send mass text messages at the right intervals is just part of the battle.

Beyond that, your messages need to be scannable and to-the-point. Otherwise, you’ll miss grabbing (and keeping) the notoriously short millennial attention span.

use an SMS Service to reach millennials

Your mass text alerts should also include your brand’s personality and feel as if a real human is behind the text, not some spammy algorithm.

Promotion-heavy texts are a surefire way to increase the chances of both your messages going unnoticed and being ghosted.

Share Stories, Not Just Sales Promotions

A good way to break up your promotional texts, while still keeping your millennial subscribers interested, is to share stories connected to your brand’s values.

Are you gearing up for an upcoming mission trip?

Or have you recently donated to a local school in need?

However your team is giving back to the community, it’s important to share this with your younger subscribers in the form of a story.

You could feature the people who are receiving your kind gestures or the ones involved in organizing and making a difference, just as long as this is done through storytelling.

You’re probably wondering: How’s all that possible via text?

And that’s where you’ll need to get clever.

Use the 150- to 160-word mark as your canvas for crafting the perfect teaser message.

Make sure these 1-3 sentences are short but enticing. Then add a link at the end of your text that directs your subscriber to a page on your website or social platform that explains the full version of the story.

You can even use your story as an insider-only message.

Create Exclusive Text-Only Messages

Instead of only promoting your blog via text, something you may already do on social or through email, you should also create exclusive messages to send to your text list.

Think about what other juicy nuggets of information you can share with your text subscribers and they’ll be more than happy to engage.

Exclusive messages make recipients feel special, which is another way to capture the attention of millennials while also building a value-based community.

Text at the Right Time, On the Right Day

Texting your audience at the wrong time is one of the easiest ways to have your messages go ignored or get deleted.

So make it a habit to send your messages when your audience, in this case millennials specifically, are available.

send Mass Text Alerts at the right time

To figure that out, you’ll need to have a better understanding of your customer, including their schedule and what other interests or activities they may be into.

From there, you can dive in further to find out which pockets of time they’re available, so you can send your messages during that sweet spot. (Learn more about when to send mass text messages here.

Don’t Get Ghosted: Use Today’s Tips to Avoid Being Ignored

Just because ghosting is popular with millennials doesn’t mean it has to happen from your text subscribers who may also fall under this age umbrella.

As long as you keep their specific preferences in mind and share relevant, value-based stories, you can drastically cut down on how often your brand’s messages are left unanswered.

Now that you know how to send mass text messages to millennials, all you need is a reliable SMS service that can keep up with your growing demands.

Fortunately, you can try one that fits the bill for free for 14 days now!

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