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How to Segment Your Contact List for Text Alerts

For best results with targeting text messages, you want to segment your contact list.

Segmenting allows you to send messages that will be as relevant as possible for your audience.

For example, say you’re a retailer who sells a variety of clothing products. You may have male and female customers, or customers that are only interested in particular items.

Or say you’re a pastor at a church. You may send out different types of messages relevant only to the youth group, the music team, or the office staff.

When you segment your contact list you save money by not wasting messages and you also make your texts more valuable to people so they’ll pay more attention. (If they’re constantly receiving irrelevant messages they may start ignoring you!)

Here’s how you can segment your contact list into groups.

Setting Up Groups

Before you’re able to segment on your account, you first need to set up groups.

You can do this under the Manage Groups page. All that you really need to enter here is a group name (the other information is optional) and click “Save” to set up the group!

Ways to Segment Your Contact List

Once you have groups set up, you’re able to segment your contact list in a few different ways:

  • Your subscribers can sign themselves up for groups on your online sign-up page.
  • You can organize subscribers into groups by importing a spreadsheet.
  • You can add subscribers to groups manually from the Manage Subscribers page when you log in to your control panel.
  • You can assign keywords to your groups under the Manage Keywords page so that your subscribers can text in a particular keyword to be added to a group.

Send Messages to Groups

Once you have subscribers segmented you can easily send messages to designated groups on your Send a Message page.

All you need to do is go to the “Send Message to a Group(s)” option and enter the name of the group(s) you would like to send your message to.

You always have the option to send to all subscribers as well if you have messages that are relevant to all of your audience.

With good segmentation and organization of subscribers, your text alerts can be more effective than ever!

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