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How Text Messages Are Saving Lives

how text messages are saving lives

Texting has now been around for so many years that you’d think it would start getting outdated. But actually, in many ways texting is at its prime. Texting is proving itself to be useful enough to contribute in saving people’s lives in new and innovative ways!

Texting 911

One way that text messages are saving lives is through the ability to text emergency services.

The capability to text 911 during an emergency is something that is being added in counties across the country. This kind of feature can be vital in situations when calling is difficult or impossible.

Rodney Buchanan, dispatch director for Vanderburgh County in Indiana, points out that a service like this can especially benefit people with special needs such as “the deaf, the hard of hearing, those with speech impairments, physical impairments.”

Bucanan also discusses how their county’s implementation of the ability for residents to text 911 has already helped kidnapped victims to be rescued, even though the feature was implemented only recently.

Though calling 911 is still the preferred means, the potential for texting to help in certain situations cannot be ignored.

Health Follow-ups

A second way that text messages are saving lives is through health follow-ups. Healthcare providers and other organizations are beginning to see the value in checking in with patients via text messaging.

Studies such as the one described here describe positive results of using text reminders to help patients keep up on their prescribed health activities, such as at-risk patients regularly monitoring their blood pressure.

The result? People actually follow through on what they’re supposed to be doing at home.

This concept is being applied in other countries as well, such as Sierra Leone and Ghana. The goal is to get patients to take their medication or to practice other healthy habits at home, and the outcome thus far has been largely successful!


These unique ways in which people are taking advantage of text messaging technology are an encouraging reminder of how vital texting is to our current society. It is awesome to see technology being put to good use.

And the life-saving doesn’t stop there, I’m sure. The potential is wonderful and limitless.

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