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How to Run a Drip Campaign

With every MMS plan comes the ability to set up a drip campaign! With this feature you can engage with your audience like never before.

What is a drip campaign?

A drip campaign is a series of messages you set up to automatically be sent out to your subscribers over a specified period of time. For example, you could set it up so that the first message will be sent immediately when the subscriber signs up; then the second message could go out the next day, the third message could go out the next week, and so on.

You would set all of this up beforehand so it would all run automatically, and you can just sit back and relax!

How do I set up a drip campaign?

Step 1: Open the “Drip Campaigns” page

If you have an MMS plan, you can access the drip campaign feature under the “MMS Messages” tab on your control panel:


Step 2: Create a new campaign

Once you are on the “Drip Campaigns” page, click “Create a Drip Campaign” to add a new campaign. Enter a name for your campaign, click “Save,” and your campaign will be added to the table:


Step 3: Open the workflow

Click the “Workflow” raindrop icon to open the workflow for your campaign. From here you will be able to add and edit the messages for your campaign, designate delays between your messages, and manage which groups are assigned to this campaign:


Step 4: Add messages and delays

Click “Add Message” to add a message to your campaign. Adding a message includes the following:

  • Entering a title for your message (for your reference)
  • Selecting the time of day you would like the message to go out (or selecting if you would like it to “send immediately”)
  • Uploading an attachment for your message (optional)
  • Entering the content for your message
  • Clicking “Save” when you are done setting up the message

The message will then be added to the workflow for your campaign. You can add as many messages to your campaign as you would like:

Click “Add Delay” to insert a delay into your campaign. This will designate a period of time for the system to wait before sending messages. You can add as many delays between messages as you would like:

You can reorder the elements in your workflow by using the arrows on the right-hand side. Clicking the delete (“wastebasket”) icons will delete any element in the campaign. The icon with the number beside it shows how many people are currently on that element of the campaign once you start a group on the campaign.


Step 5: Add groups to the campaign

Scroll to the top of the page and select a group from the drop-down menu. Click “Start Campaign for This Group” and every subscriber in that group will be started on the campaign:

Every subscriber currently in the designated group will begin receiving messages in your campaign, and every subscriber added to that group in the future will automatically be started at the beginning of the campaign.

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