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How RE/MAX Uses Text Alerts to Improve Communication

RE/MAX Real Estate in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania needed a way to reach their agents. Around 95 people needed to be updated about important information such as weather cancellations.

They used email but were running into some problems, according to Joel Diaz, Director of Operations/Marketing: “…what we found was that not everybody was standing by looking at their email every second of the day. For some, it would be hours before they looked at their email. If we had something important to blast out they weren’t getting the message. Another problem we were running into was that for some of our agents, the emails were going into their spam/junk folder and they weren’t getting our emails.”

They needed a method of communication that they were sure people would see right away. They decide to try out a text alert system.

“After doing some research, we chose Mobile Text Alerts because it had the best tools available for our use. Whether we used the web version or the mobile version, it was easy to use and manage. It also allowed us to try different avenues for the text blasts besides just text, like blasting out multimedia items.”

Switching to text alerts has helped ensure people receive important messages. “If it was something really important, like the office was closing due to bad weather or whatever the message was, we knew the agents were receiving the text.”

In addition to being able to send out text blasts easily, Joel also appreciates the ability to categorize subscribers into groups. “Mobile Text Alerts allow me to make different groups within our organization so I can just blast out to those groups or the whole organization.”

Text alerts have improved communication in their organization so they can focus on selling real estate!

If you want to give it a try for yourself, sign up for a free test account today!

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