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How Much Do LuLaRoe Retailers Make?

how much do lularoe retailers actually make

If you’ve ever looked into the world of LuLaRoe, you have been subject to the success stories. That is how they hook you right? They tell you some fabulous story about some stay-at-home mom who is making $10,000 a month doing LuLaRoe.

They make their own hours. They have the freedom to spend time with their family. And that all feels like the ideal work from home opportunity right?

Well, they say if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. LuLaRoe is a great opportunity for thousands of women out there. But not everyone is going to make piles of money doing it.

So, how much do LuLaRoe retailers really make?

The numbers break down like this. The majority of retailers who just get started are going to make less than $1,000 a month. That is because this is a real business and it takes time to figure it out.

In our experience, many LuLaRoe retailers will make somewhere between $500-$1,000 a month for the first year.

Now, with experience comes wisdom and expertise. The quicker you learn, the quicker you earn. With LuLaRoe that is very true.

Established LuLaRoe retailers seem to make $1,000-$3,000 a month reliably. At the higher end of the spectrum some women are making over $5,000 a month in sales.

Not a lot of women are making more than $5,000 a month with LuLaRoe. It is probably fewer than 20% of the total retailers out there (though we have no hard numbers on that).

It’s true that some women do make over $10,000 a month doing LuLaRoe, but they aren’t making that money from selling direct. It’s tough as an individual to sell more than $5,000 a month every month. But, it is possible to recruit other ladies to become retailers and get a percentage of their sales too.

That is how the high dollar earners in LuLaRoe Land are making the big bucks. It’s all referral dollars. That is why it’s called Multi Level Marketing. The more you recruit, the more money the retailers underneath you make.

There is just one catch. And it’s a big one…

Some people don’t like to recruit other people. And that’s not a bad thing. If you aren’t wanting to recruit people and you just want to sell LuLaRoe’s awesome products, GREAT!

In most cases, you are better off establishing your own clientele and treating them right than you are recruiting everyone to join LuLaRoe as a consultant. Many women find that recruiting friends and family ruins those relationships. It can cause all kinds of problems.

So, it’s usually better to avoid the hassle and focus on serving your customers. You’ll have a lot more enjoyable business life that way.

What that will mean for most LuLaRoe retailers is they make $1,000 to $5,000 a month once they are established. They can make good money and set their own hours that way. It’s a great business opportunity if you know what to expect.

But, if you join LuLaRoe thinking you’ll make six figures, you’ll probably end up disappointed. For 80% of people who join, that isn’t reality.

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