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How LuLaRoe Consultants Use Text Alerts to Increase Engagement


Being a successful LuLaRoe consultant takes effort and good communication!  Many consultants find that text alerts are an effective way to reach their clients.  But how do you get started?  You’re already so busy and figuring out something new can be difficult – How do other consultants take advantage of text alerts?

Here are 4 ways LuLaRoe consultants use text alerts to increase engagement.

Advertise Online Pop-Up Boutiques

Let your clients know the details of your Online Pop-Up Boutiques via text.  This will help you make the most of your online sales and build excitement as people anticipate receiving your text letting them know when they’re able to shop!

Announce New Inventory

Your clients are just dying to jump on your new inventory!  Send text messages to keep interested parties updated on your latest news.

Promote Special Events

Whether you’re hosting a Q&A, a special sale, or any other event, text alerts can help clients be in the know.  This will hold their interest and get them more engaged.

Share Promos

Another method to get clients more fully engaged is to offer promos.  What better way to deliver those promo codes than directly to their phones?  You can give special discounts and deals to people subscribed to your “VIP texting list.”


This list is just the start.  Once you get comfortable and effective with your text alert system, you can get a feel for how to best use alerts for your own clients and your own situation.  You are unique and your clients are unique, so it’s important to find your own style and groove.  Uniqueness is, after all, one of LuLaRoe’s major tenets.


Why do LuLaRoe consultants use text alerts?  What are the benefits?

  • Increase engagement with your clients
  • Improve communication
  • Easily get updates out
  • Increase sales!

So keep up the good work and keep the sales coming!


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