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How and When to Use Church SMS

So you use text alerts for your church. What all can you use church SMS for?

How often should you text your congregation?

What should you use texting for?

Here are some tips about how and when to use SMS for your church!

How to use church SMS

1. Don’t text too often

Odds are people don’t want to hear from you every day.

Use texting sparingly but enough for it to be a useful tool.

I would say that generally people shouldn’t be receiving more than 2-3 texts per month from your church. (Obviously this may vary depending on your specific circumstances!)

2. Segment your list

Not everyone in your church needs to receive every text you send.

For example, your elderly congregants don’t need to get the updates about your youth group events. Your church musicians don’t need to get updates about your food service committee meeting times.

You can break up your list into different segments, such as “Youth Group,” “Music Team,” and “Pastoral Staff.”

Doing this can help ensure that only the relevant people receive your messages.

When to use church SMS

1. For event announcements

Texting is a simple and effective way to announce event times and details.

“High School Bowling Night is June 30th at 7pm! Be there with $10 for unlimited bowling!”

“The music ministry picnic will be held at Orchard Park on July 12th and 12pm – Bring a main dish and a side to share!”

2. For updates

Use church SMS to update people if plans change or if there are other updates congregants need to know about.

“Music rehearsal has been rescheduled to 7pm. See you there!”

“Jim Harrison is out of surgery and things went well! Continue praying!”

3. For reminders

Text alerts can serve as a simple reminder to help drive up attendance to events.

“Don’t forget about street evangelism Friday at 6!”

“Just a reminder that Bible study will be held tonight at 7pm at the Harrisons’! 1908 A Street”

4. For weather cancellations

Live in an area with bad snowstorms? Need to cancel an event because of rain? Send out a quick text to make sure people know not to come.

“Service is canceled this morning due to the snow. Enjoy some extra time with your family!”

“Forecast says rain so we’re postponing the picnic to next week. Happy Saturday!”


Church SMS can be highly effective and can be used for many areas of the ministry including:

  • Congregation-wide updates
  • Youth group
  • Children’s ministry
  • Staff updates
  • Music ministry
  • Outreach ministry
  • Committees
  • Small groups
  • Choir
  • Singles ministry
  • Marriage ministry
  • Prayer updates
  • And more!

If you haven’t already, try a free test account today!

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