Hotels Use Text Messaging to Improve Customer Service

November 25, 2015 | Back to the Blog

Have you ever received texts from your hotel?  According to a CustomerThink article by Gigi Peccolo, Marriott is one of many hotel chains to have started to use text messaging to improve customer service.

Hotels use text messaging

Ten years ago it most likely would have seemed ridiculous that anyone would ever receive a text message from a hotel, but as text message usage continues to rise, businesses of all types do their best to keep up.  Peccolo discusses the value that text messaging can bring for hotels to improve their customer service, and she quotes Cornell University Professor Chekitan Dev’s conclusion that, “This service is sure to resonate, especially for the Millennial for whom e-mail is passé and text is everything.”

But how can hotels use text messaging?  The article offers several suggestions that benefit customers:

  • Receiving a text from your hotel asking what kind of car rental you want so that they can arrange to have it prepared for you when you are ready to leave the airport.
  • Getting a text regarding what you want to order for room service and having the ability to order anything from room service at any time via text message.
  • Being informed via text about tourist attractions around the hotel where you’re staying.
  • Having the ability to text the concierge or the receptionist with any questions and getting a quick response.

Other uses that I can think of regarding the potential of text alerts for hotels include:

  • Reminding guests of check-in and check-out times or other important details.
  • Promoting special sales or rates to previous and recurring customers.
  • Updating guests on any information that might be relevant to them (weather reports, traffic conditions, closings/cancellations, etc.).

Whether in the hotel industry or some other business, what ideas do you have for how texting could work for you?  (Try it out for yourself for free.)

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