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Here’s What Retailers Are Saying About Text Alerts for LuLaRoe

Are you a LuLaRoe retailer? You’re missing out if you don’t use text alerts for LuLaRoe. 🙂

Retailers all over the country use text alerts to let customers know when they’re going live to help drive viewers to their sales.

Here’s what real retailers have said about using Mobile Text Alerts for LuLaRoe:

  • “It is definitely worth the money! My customers love knowing when we are live and we have a lot more show up because of it!” -Donna
  • “I love it. It is very user friendly and a very effective way for reaching my customers” -Chrissy
  • “Gets info to my customers even if Facebook hides the notifications.” -Sarah
  • “I have appreciated this service and it definitely helped my business.” -Robin
  • “I use it and I love it.” -Christy
  • “Best way to get DEALS out to my customers, fast.” -Cari
  • “Helps get viewers when I go live for a sale.” -Samantha
  • “Love Mobile Text Alerts” -Missy
  • “Helps me reach my customers consistently” -Heather
  • “You definitely need to use this to increase your overall sales” -Nicole
  • “Drives up the attendance” -Kim
  • “Alerts customers when I’m live, huge increase of viewers after the text” -Tonya
  • “Informs customers on when sales are happening and keeps them in the know” -Katie
  • “Keeps everyone connected” -Dana
  • “Lets my customers know what I am doing that day” -Stacy
  • “It is awesome” -Bronwyn
  • “It notifies my customers when I am LIVE. My customers rely on the text to know when I am LIVE.” -Sarah
  • “Helps get ppl to join your lives” -Joanne
  • “Gets the announcement out to those who are not on Facebook all the time and is faster to get out to customers” -Gloria
  • “I love the text messaging … I think it has increased my business because I just have to hit one button to reach my clients” -Donna

Ready to jump on the bandwagon? 🙂 Try a free test account today to see if sending text alerts for LuLaRoe is right for your business. (P.S. We also have some specific features designed for LuLaRoe retailers, including an invitation feature for your Bless contacts and a LuLaCash management system.)

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