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Here’s what people are saying about their bulk messaging service

So you’re looking at possibly getting a bulk messaging service.

Which one do you get? What makes some better than others? What stands out? Features? Pricing?

Obviously, we here at Mobile Text Alerts believe you should choose us. 🙂 But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say about their bulk messaging service!

  • “The thing we value the most is the customer service and you guys are light years ahead of others. Thank you :-)” -Kellie
  • “Now ladies and gentlemen, nothing replaces hustle and hard work, but Mobile Text Alerts comes close. I had postcards made up instead of business cards, and everywhere I go I hand those babies out and tell people to sign up for my text alerts. … I have Mobile Text Alerts to thank for being a huge part of my success!” -Julie
  • “My customers love getting the reminder—let’s face it, life gets busy and we loose focused on time. A quick email to remind them that I’m going “live” or dropping new inventory, is appreciated by my customers. For me it has been worth every penny for me to take control of my business instead relying on Facebook algorithms and its ever changing rules. It’s a time/game changer for me!” -Melinda
  • “Excellent method of communicating with a very large and disjointed work force.” -Richard
  • “I highly recommend signing up for Mobile Text Alerts, I highly suggest this to my team and other small business owners, it gives us a huge advantage over others in our field.” -Karen
  • “It’s the best!!” -Vernet
  • “Efficient, affordable communication system.” -James
  • “You need to check out this amazing service because I totally love it.” -J.R.
  • “I signed our organization up for MTA roughly a year ago as a means of communicating important information to our employees, such as weather-related delays/closings, and other important events (internet outages, etc). I use a great many online platforms to complete various tasks for our organization, everything from website builders, graphic design tools, multimedia editors, etc., and quite honestly, Mobile Text Alerts is the only platform that has never let me down in any way. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, but it is also richly featured. That’s a hard balance to strike, but MTA pulls it off with ease. … Long story short, your company is doing a superb job with this platform, and I am a very happy customer. I look forward to renewing my plan for many years to come.” -David

And there you have it- Just a few examples of happy customers.

We’d like to make you a happy customer as well! Feel free to try a free test account today.

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