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Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: 8 Features

Are you are LuLaRoe retailer looking for some helpful LuLaRoe tools?

Trying to find ways to improve your business and make more sales?

Your account at will include several features you can use for your benefit!

helpful lularoe tools

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: Text Alerts

The most helpful and obvious feature is the ability to send out text alerts to your customers.

You can use texting to let customers know when you’re going live, which can increase viewership to your lives, thereby increasing sales!

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: Live Assistant

The live assistant will track your sold comments on your live sales, will comment automatically on Facebook for you, and will give you a report of claims.

For more info on how this works, click here.

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: Import Subscribers from Bless

This feature will allow you to invite your customer list in Bless to subscribe to your text alerts.

The system will send them a text asking them to subscribe, and all they need to do is reply “subscribe me” to be added to your text alert list!

Read about how it works here.

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: Bless Registration Page

You can set up an online registration page for your customers.

When they sign up on this page they can be registered for Bless and your text alert system simultaneously!

Read more about that here.

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: Facebook Claims

If you run Facebook album sales, the Facebook Claims feature will automatically detect “sold” comments on your photos.

You will then be able to view a report of the items people claimed, and who claimed them.

For more info on that click here.

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: Inventory

We have a basic inventory feature that allows you to keep track of items you have on hand.

Although this feature isn’t overly robust as of yet, we welcome any feedback on if this could be made more useful to you! (Please submit comments to

You can read a bit more about this feature here.

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: LuLaCash

LuLaCash allows you to keep track of “LuLaCash” credits your customers have.

It allows you to set up LuLaCash for your customers and track redemption codes and expiration dates.

More on that here.

Helpful LuLaRoe Tools: Integrate with Sonlet

Many of you use Sonlet to help track inventory.

Integration with Sonlet will allow you to text links to parties and inventory.

You can read instructions for this here.


These are just a few features to help give you the most bang for your buck with your text alert system!

If you haven’t already, try a free test account today!

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