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How Group Text Messaging Bridges the Gap Between Digital and In-Person Marketing

group text messaging for marketing

What if there were a way to bridge your online marketing efforts with your in-person outreach?

Instead of having either area compete for your resources and attention, you could build systems to help both marketing niches grow at the same time.

Fortunately, you can accomplish this task with the help of group text messaging.

As you’ll see in this guide, this form of communication continues to grow in popularity — and for good reason.

Not only can it help double your marketing impact, group texts can also build deeper relationships with your customers, which are two goals every business hopes to achieve.

But before you start bridging your marketing gap, we need to get clear on the phrase group text messaging so we’re all on the same page.

What is Group Text Messaging and Why Is It Worth Your Time?

Group text messaging doesn’t refer to those annoying group chats that include multiple people texting at once.

Instead, group text messaging means sending a single text to a large audience at the same time versus texting each subscriber individually.

Group text messaging is a great way to replace phone calls — especially when you have to contact hundreds of individuals like donors or customers all at once.

Talk about efficiency!

And that’s not the only perk.

While group text messages are still considered mass texts, they’re slightly different because they come off as a one-on-one conversation.

So your messages appear more personal, despite being sent to dozens of other recipients, because your subscribers have no idea who else received it. To them, the message is solely between you two.

And, unlike with a group chat via text, when someone replies back to group text messages, it only sends a message to the sender, not everyone else.

This keeps annoying group texts that quickly stack up out of the picture.

It’s easy to see why group text messaging has become so popular, especially for businesses and brands, but there’s also one more powerful reason why this form of communication is gaining traction.

group receiving mass texts

Group Text Messaging Boosts Both Your Digital and In-Person Marketing

When customers visit your brand in-person or online, you can keep the conversation going via group text messaging even if they don’t make a purchase.

All your customer (or potential customer) has to do is opt in to your subscriber list to start receiving all your messages.

This gives you a way to stay connected and build a deeper relationship with your subscriber while bridging the gap between your in-person and online marketing efforts.

Communicate regularly and you’ll always stay top of mind with your customers and subscribers.

Just keep in mind there are a few best practices you should follow in order to do this right.

How to Bridge the Digital Gap With Group Text Messaging

Text messages are such a personal form of communication, so your messages should always feel that way.

Your customers shouldn’t feel as if they’re texting with a robot.

They need to feel like a human is behind each and every message.

Follow these tips and you’ll create a personal relationship that gets stronger with every interaction:

#1: Keep it conversational. It helps to think of your text messages like having a real conversation with your ideal customer.

Your tone should feel as if you’re chatting with your best friend or family member instead of being robotic or salesy.

#2: Use the same phrases you’d say in person. We’re not suggesting you use acronyms like “brb” or “ttyl,” but you should use the same professional, yet casual words and phrases you’d use if someone was in front of you in-person.

#3: Speak directly to your customers. Addressing your subscribers using words like “you” comes across as more personal and direct.

It also helps create an intimate and open line of communication where customers feel comfortable and are encouraged to reply back.

Bonus points if you make it a habit to collect first names along with phone numbers anytime you add a subscriber to your text message list!

This extra step of personalization will definitely help your customer feel as if you’re speaking to them specifically.

#4: Skip the sales and technical jargon. Avoiding the wrong terms in a text message is just as important as using the right ones.

Complex phrases, wordy or hard-to-understand language and technical jargon should be omitted anytime you’re texting your subscribers.

Keep your text messages simple and short and you’ll increase the chances of your subscribers actually reading them.

#5: Continue the conversation. Using targeted follow-ups, you should also view your text messages as an extension of your in-person promotions.

Whatever you have brewing online or in-store should be included in your group text messages.

Take this a step further and build follow-up messages, which you can use especially after events and product samples are sent out, to continue the conversation and encourage a purchase.

It’s also a good idea to track these purchases so you can see just how impactful your online efforts and group text messages are at driving in-store purchases.

When this is done correctly, you’ll see bridging the gap between digital and in-person marketing is easy thanks to this increasingly popular form of communication.

Get Started with Group Text Messaging Today

Now that you know why group text messaging is worth your time, your next step is to find a reliable business SMS service to handle your group messaging bandwidth.

Try to send group texts to your customers with a normal, personal cell phone plan or even a business plan and you’ll end up creating annoying group chats that turn off subscribers instead of foster deeper relationships.

To start your free 14-day trial of an SMS service for your marketing team, visit this page now!

Practice these tips as often as you can and you’ll double your marketing impact instead of spinning your wheels and not making any progress.

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  • I love what you said about messages appearing more personal when using a group text or other messaging system. In order to keep all employees in the loop, it’s a great idea to utilize a business texting system that allows contact convenience. If I were to own my own business, I would implement such a system in order to ensure that my employees are aware of all major announcements.