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Group Messaging: How to Segment Your Text List

With your account you can organize your text list into different segments for group messaging!

This feature allows you to direct messages to appropriate lists. This way people will only receive messages that relate to them.

This first step is to set up your groups on the Manage Groups page. Then there are a few different ways your subscribers can be added to groups.

group messaging

1. Segment subscribers manually for group messaging

You can select subscribers manually on the Manage Subscribers page. First select the row of a subscriber to highlight that row. (You can hold SHIFT to select multiple rows.)

Once a row is selected, a button will appear at the top of the page that says “Add Subscribers to Group.” You can click on this to add the subscriber to one of your groups.

2. Segment subscribers by uploading a spreadsheet for group messaging

You can add your subscribers to groups by importing a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet will just need to be set up in the correct format as described here. (You’ll just want to make sure the GroupName column on your spreadsheet has the name of the group you want to add each subscriber to listed for each row.)

3. Have subscribers sign themselves up for groups

The groups you’ve set up will show up on your account’s sign-up page so people can subscribe themselves to groups by going to that page.

They will be able to select which of your groups they would like to sign up for, so if you don’t want a group to show up as an option be sure to select the Hide Group option on the Manage Groups page!

People can also sign themselves up for a group by texting in a keyword. On your Manage Keywords page you can designate target groups for your keyword(s) so that if someone texts in that keyword they will be automatically added to the designated target group.


With this segmenting tool in hand you can separate your messages out so that they can be as effective as possible!

If you haven’t already, try a free test account for sending out text alerts today!


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