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Get more subscribers with our text-in giveaway feature!

You can entice more subscribers to add themselves to your text alerts by running a giveaway from your Mobile Text Alerts control panel.

This allows subscribers to text in and be automatically entered into a giveaway drawing; the system will then select the winner at random from the people who texted in.

The instructions are laid out on your Text-In Giveaways tab at

  1. Create a giveaway by selecting a keyword, entering an item, and selecting a start and end date.
  2. New subscribers can enter the giveaway by texting the keyword to your shortcode within the giveaway start/end timeframe.
  3. Once you return to this page and click the button to end the giveaway, a number will be randomly selected to receive the giveaway item.
  4. Contact the winner directly and let them know they won the giveaway.

So if you click to add a new giveaway it will show you this screen:

From here you can select which of your keywords you want to be associated with your giveaway (this is the keyword people will text in to enter the giveaway). Then enter the name of the giveaway prize. Lastly you can designate a start date/time and and end date/time for the giveaway and click “Save.”

Any new subscriber who texts in your designated keyword will be added to the giveaway list. Once the period for the giveaway is over, you can click the “End” button for that giveaway and the system will automatically select a winner. You can then contact the winner and let them know they have won!

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