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How to Get People to Subscribe to Text Alerts

So you’ve purchased a new text alert system and are all ready to go, but now the hard part comes in. How to get people to subscribe to text alerts?

smartphoneIt’s easy enough if you have an existing list of numbers to import into the system, but it can be a little more difficult if you are starting from scratch.

The best way to convince people to subscribe is to offer some kind of incentive. A special discount, a coupon code, or exclusive information.

What are the best ways to get the word out there?


Do you send out a newsletter? Include a little blurb in your newsletter saying ‘Text <keyword> to <number> to receive special deals’


It’s easy enough to put a sign somewhere very visible saying “Text <keyword> to <number>” Put it somewhere where people might be bored and people might just text in to see what is up during their downtime.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are great places to post about your new text alert system.

Radio Commercials

Believe it or not, many of our customers have found this to be a great avenue to get word about their text alerts out there. A quick radio commercial has brought thousands of subscribers into a text alert system in just a few minutes.

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