Gather Facebook Album Claims Using Mobile Text Alerts

December 4, 2017 | Back to the Blog

Many LuLaRoe Retailers run sales off of Facebook using photo Albums. They post their items that are for sale, and if customers would like to purchase something, they comment on the item “sold” or something similar.

It can be difficult as a retailer to keep track and find all of these “sold” comments. In an effort to try and make this an easier process for retailers, we have created a new feature to allow you to automatically find and gather “sold” comments. Here's how it works.

First, go to the new “Facebook Claims” page.

On this page, you can see all Facebook claims that haven't been archived already.

To get new claims, you can set the “Claim Word” that the Mobile Text Alerts system will look for, and then click “Get New Claims”

Mobile Text Alerts will ask you which group/page you would like to get claims for, and will look through all the posts and images in that group/page for any items with a “sold” comment. Once it gathers all these “sold” comments, it will add them to your list of claims for your review.

We hope this is useful and makes your life a little bit easier! This is just the beginning of this functionality, but we would like to get some more user feedback before we continue adding. What would make this more useful? Currently, you can only “Archive” these claims. Would it be useful to add more options such as “Mark as Paid” or “Mark as Unpaid”? Leave some comments below with any feedback you might have 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Gather Facebook Album Claims Using Mobile Text Alerts

  • Laura Marble says:

    Yes it would be very to also have marked paid and Mark unpaid

  • Amy Page says:

    How do we sign up for your service? TIA

  • suzi says:

    Yes marked as paid!!!!!

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