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Why Facebook Posts Are Not Reliable For Getting LuLaRoe Sales

Facebook Won't Show My Posts!

Many LuLaRoe consultants use Facebook posts to let people know about new inventory, giveaways, and pop-up sales. This has worked ok for the last few years, but many LuLaRoe consultants are starting to run into problems.

Facebook is constantly changing their algorithms.

What is an ‘algorithm’?

Facebook’s ‘algorithms’ are just a fancy way of talking about the formula they use to decide what is showed in people’s news feeds.

I understand that Facebook is trying to make things “better,” but this has been a real frustration for thousands of LuLaRoe consultants.

Consultants rely on their information getting out quickly to their customers.

Rochelle, a LuLaRoe consultant, tells us about how she started mysteriously losing subscribers on her Facebook Group. She was getting complaints that she was not notifying them about her pop-up sales.

Rochelle was posting about her pop-up sales, but due to the new Facebook changes, many people were not seeing her posts. Her posts simply were not showing up in her subscriber’s news feeds.

Facebook seems to be favoring posts written by Friends far above posts by “Groups.” In fact, according to Marketing Dive, reach of publisher stories had already dropped by 42 percent.

And this is just the beginning. Facebook is constantly changing these algorithms making it harder and harder to predictably be able to get information out.

This probably makes for a better user-experience for Facebook Users (who enjoys being bombarded by posts form every group you are a part of?), but this can completely kill your LuLaRoe business.

The solution?

Thousands of LuLaRoe Consultants have abandoned Facebook Posts as their primary means of communication. They are finding that texting is a great way to reliably get information to their users.

Whether you are letting them know about a giveaway, sending a digital coupon, sending them loyalty rewards updates, or letting them know about a pop-up sale, texting is a fast, reliable way to get them the information.

If you are struggling getting your LuLaRoe business running, give text alerts a try! Use promo code ‘lula‘ for 10% off the service.

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