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Facebook Is Not Reliable For Getting Paparazzi Sales!

Paparazzi Consultants frequently use Facebook to let their customers know about new inventory, discounts, giveaways, and sales. This has traditionally worked ok for Paparazzi, but over the last few years, changes with the Facebook platform has made this less reliable.

Facebook is constantly tweaking and changing their post algorithms.

What is an ‘algorithm’?

Facebook’s algorithms are just the formulas that they use to decide which posts show up in people’s feeds, and which posts are hidden.

Facebook has made these changes with the goal of making Facebook better, but it has been a source of a lot of frustration for thousands of LuLaRoe consultants.

Paparazzi consultants rely on their information getting out quickly to their customers.

Many consultants tell us about how they have started mysteriously losing subscribers on their Facebook groups. They frequently get complaints that they are not being notified about pop-up sales. These consultants were posting about the their sales, but due to the new Facebook changes, many people were not seeing their posts.

What is the solution?

Paparazzi consultants can’t rely any longer on Facebook as their primary means of communication. Many consultants are turning to texting as a great alternative to quickly and reliably get out information.

If you are struggling getting your Paparazzi business running, give text alerts a try! Use promo code ‘papa’ for 10% off the service.


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