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Edward Jones, Other Investment Firms Reach Out to Clients Via Text Messaging

Can investment firms reach out to clients via texting?

According to InvestmentNews, the answer is yes!  “[Text messaging] is a great way to keep in touch without being overly intrusive,” says the founder of Wilson David Investment Advisors, Kathryn Hauer.  Hauer and other investment firm leaders are beginning to see the value in sending out text messages to reach out to their clients.

investment firms reach out to clients

Edward Jones

Edward Jones is one of the major investment firms that have begun to use texting in this way.  They will start a program this month in which advisers will be able to send text messages to clients in order to help establish a stronger adviser-client relationship.

Jim Olsen of Edward Jones says, “It is particularly important to younger generations: the millennials, the younger Gen X … It is the preferred means of communication.”  The company leadership realizes the prominence of texting among young adults and understands how texting can add a personal touch to their investment services.  The goal is to connect as closely to clients as professionally possible.

Texting Uses

According to the InvestmentNews article, what kinds of purposes do these organizations use texting for?

  1. Some use it for sending urgent messages.
  2. Some use it for sending personal messages.
  3. Some use it “just to say hello.”
  4. Some use it as a means to offer to answer questions a client may have.
  5. Some use it for updating clients on the status of their financial analyses.

The Future

The future of texting for investment firms appears bright.  More and more companies are catching on, and the numbers are projected to keep growing.  I think it’s only a matter of time until texting becomes a standard for companies such as these!


How can text messaging be used to improve your business or organization?  Brainstorm your ideas and let us know in the comments below, or by emailing us at  We may feature your idea and/or your organization in a future blog post!

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