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How to Create a Sales Funnel Using Text Message Marketing

Is your sales funnel attracting more tumbleweeds than viable leads for your business?

Do you even have a sales funnel that’s properly set up?

A sales funnel is the best way to guide your potential and existing customers through your company’s buying process and lead them directly to converting.

If you already have a sales funnel, you know just how crucial it is for nurturing your leads. And if you haven’t set one up, you’re already behind and missing out on key touch points with your audience.

Most companies create their sales funnel using email marketing. But what about creating a sales funnel for your new text message marketing strategy?

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, text message marketing improves brand loyalty and can even help your business increase sales.

But just because you want to grow your lead base via text alerts doesn’t mean your audience will be throwing their contact information your way. It doesn’t work like that.

People aren’t always willing to fork over their email address, which means it’s even tougher to get them to sign up for mass texts.

So in order for your text message marketing to work, you need your customers to sign up to receive your text alerts and enter your sales funnel.

What’s the secret to accomplishing this goal?

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today. We’ll show you how to create a sales funnel using text message marketing the easy way.

We’ll start with the most challenging aspect of creating a sales funnel: actually acquiring the leads you’ll be marketing to.

One of the best way you can do that is by giving your new subscribers a free gift they’ll actually want.

Step 1: Create an Irresistible Offer

The top part of your sales funnel is the first and widest segment.

This is where you’ll try to capture the largest amount of leads. Eventually, you’ll filter these out, but for now, you’re looking for volume.

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But this is also the point where you’ll need to ask potential subscribers to hand over their personal information, which is no easy task, as we alluded to earlier.

You can’t just add a “Sign Up for our Text Alerts” call to action (CTA) on your website or emails and assume people will follow through.

When it comes to texting, you’re creating a personal, intimate relationship with your customers. And it needs to be treated as such.

This means you need to initiate this new relationship like you would any budding friendship: by shifting the focus from you to your new pal.

What’s in it for your subscriber if they sign up for your text alerts? Why should they trade you their personal phone number?

The answer is for an offer more enticing than any other you’re giving away.

Since texts are so personal, it needs to feel like you’re treating someone with VIP status anytime they give you the green light to text them.

What’s more VIP than a bigger, more exclusive offer?

If your email signup offer is a 15% discount, raise the offer to sign up for your text alerts to 25% or more.

That should garner some positive attention.

Now keep in mind that your offer doesn’t have to be monetary only.

You can also send new subscribers a copy of your free ebook, printable worksheets, a list of recipes, or anything else you think your subscribers would value and appreciate.

The idea is to think of something you’d give your close friends and family members — yes, it needs to be that good.

Yet no matter how awesome your offer, you’ll still need to pair it with a statement that will encourage your audience to take action.

Step 2: Promote Your Offer with Strong CTAs

Like we said, generic “Sign Up for Our Text Alerts” CTAs aren’t going to cut it here.

Instead, you need to lead with the benefit of your offer.

So if your freebie is an ebook, your call to action should be something along the lines of “Get Our Free Ebook” instead of simply “Sign Up”.

Then mention in your supporting text that your subscriber will need to sign up for your text alerts to receive this freebie. You don’t want to unethically capture subscribers here.

Try to play around with your CTA text to see if other variations of the same phrase work better with your audience.

In addition to “Get Our Free Ebook”, you may also want to try “Grab Your Free Copy Today”.

While the differences may be small, adding words like “grab”, “your”, and “today” may be enough to nudge your audience to take action and add their number to your funnel.

Or you may find just the opposite is true.

But you won’t discover what works best until you test a few with your audience to see what sticks.

Remember to keep certain variables constant in your testing so you can get a more accurate picture.

A good rule of thumb is to complete 1 cycle before changing the variables.

Otherwise, if you were to try one CTA on a Monday and the next on a Tuesday, for example, the inconsistencies between days may be more to blame for a low conversion rate than your new copy.

So let each headline run for 1–2 weeks before changing it.

Once you have a few CTAs mapped out, you can then start using them and promoting your offer.

To drive the most traffic to your text message marketing funnel, you should turn off all other offers during this time.

Then promote signing up for your text alerts on a few different platforms — via email, social media, in person, etc.

Do this and you’ll be ready for our next step.

Step 3: Capture & Convert Your New Leads

Now that your funnel is all set up, you’re in position to capture and eventually convert your new leads (woohoo!).

To do that, you need to create canned replies that you’ll send your new subscribers as soon as they sign up.

These replies should thank your new subscriber for signing up and should also give them instructions for how to claim your initial offer.

Keep these replies handy so you can copy and paste them anytime a new lead signs up (and save yourself some serious time).

From there, you must communicate regularly with your subscribers to keep them interested.

They shouldn’t need to hear from you everyday, unless they’ve specified that they’d like to hear your daily restaurant specials, for instance.

Most businesses do well touching base with their subscribers at least once a week or every other week.

This helps to keep your brand top of mind and also ensures you don’t annoy your audience.

Here are a few other ways businesses can stay in touch:

  • Let your customers know about the latest promotions
  • Send them texts when your website is updated
  • Deliver product updates for out-of-stock items

You can even use text messages to drum up excitement for your next sale or event and increase your attendance rates. We talked about how to do that in this article.

The point is, once a subscriber signs up for your list, your relationship is just beginning.

You must take the same effort to nurture this lead as you would any other non-virtual relationship.

Communicating regularly helps you bond with your subscribers and will be crucial for converting those leads into happy, loyal customers.

All of this is in your wheelhouse thanks to text message marketing.

Get Started with Text Message Marketing Today

If you’re ready to incorporate mass texts in your business’ marketing strategy, check out this page for info about how to get started.

When your team is on board with text message marketing, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up your sales funnel.

You can have one up and running by the end of the day if you keep the tips we talked about in mind:

  1. Your offer needs to stand out. Don’t reuse an existing offer; create a bigger and better offer no one in your audience could refuse.
  2. Create and test a few CTAs to see which ones do better. Give each CTA enough time to run for a more complete picture.
  3. Use a canned reply anytime someone signs up for your list to welcome them personally without taking up too much of your time.
  4. Communicate regularly to stay top of mind with your subscribers (but don’t annoy them).

When you tackle all the steps in this guide, you’ll quickly have a sales funnel that captures and converts leads for your business like a well-oiled machine.

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