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[Infographic] 4 Fun Ways to Connect with Friends and Family Using Text Alerts

connect with friends and family using text alerts


Mass text alerts are great for personal communication!

They’re not just for business or non-profit organizations.  Here are fun and creative ways to send text alerts to connect with friends and family.

1. Birthday Parties

I don’t know about your family, but my family is huge and constantly growing.

It takes a lot of coordination just to plan a simple event like a birthday party, and it seems there are birthdays all the time!

Text alerts offer a simple solution to keep friends or family members updated about these kinds of events.

2. Outings

With a lot of friends and family comes a lot of coordination when it comes to planning outings together!

With text alerts, you can easily send messages about dates, times, or other details important to your event.

3. Weddings

Is there a wedding in the family?

Keep the wedding party and family organized with text alerts.

You can also provide updates to guests via text alerts.

HINT: Put your keyword on your invitation! Your guests can then text in your keyword so they can receive your updates.

4. Family Reunions

Text alerts make it so easy to keep people updated during large family reunions.

No more scrambling trying to let everyone know about itineraries and changes!  Send a simple message and it goes out to everybody all at once.

People don’t always check their email, especially when out of town.  Not everyone has a social media account.

Text alerts, then, provide the best way to get info out for your family reunion.

Give it a try!

These are just a few ideas of ways you can use text alerts in your personal life, to connect with friends and family.

The possibilities really are endless!

Sign up for a free trial and start improving communication with your friends and family today!


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