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Churches Connecting to Their Congregations

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A large portion of Mobile Text Alerts customers are churches or religious organizations.  Churches represent exactly the kind of institution that Mobile Text Alerts was designed for, and they have found our services useful.  Not only do churches use text alerts for the typical purposes—information, event cancellations, etc.—but they have also found more personal purposes for text alerts.

Many of our church customers use text alerts to really connect with their congregations.  They let their members know that they are praying for them.  They let them know about how God has been working in the congregation: sharing prayer requests, spiritual victories within the church, and lessons learned during sermons or retreats.

I want to encourage churches and similar organizations to use text alerts to be involved with their members in a unique way.  Don’t be afraid to get personal with your texts—people like transparency.  You can send texts such as:

“Praise for God’s work in teaching us humility through pastor John’s sermon last Sunday.”

“Anita Harrison requests prayer for wisdom in dealing with her teenage son’s rebellion.”

“Pastor Jerry has really been struggling this week in preparing his sermon and could use some prayer.”

One thing I should note about all this (and this should go without saying): make sure that you get permission BEFORE sending any texts like that.  Do NOT share people’s personal struggles in your text alerts unless the person involved specifically tells you that it is okay.

I envision how text alerts can be used in a powerful way to really help congregations feel connected and grow closer.  It will take some planning and effort on your part, but I think it will be worth it.  And let us know if you have other great ideas or examples of how you have used text alerts effectively in your own congregation!

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