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Church Text Alerts: 4 Uses to Improve Your Church’s Communication

How do you get info out to your church members? A newsletter? Email? A phone chain? What about church text alerts?

Let’s face it- texting is often the best way to get in touch with people these days.

Young people do it, middle-aged people do it, and even many of the older crowd do it! It’s an effective way to help improve organization and communication in your church.

So as a pastor, ministry leader, or church administrator, what can you use church text alerts for?

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Church Text Alerts Use 1: Weather Cancellations

Weather can be unpredictable and sometimes a snowstorm will result in a service or event cancellation. How do you let people know?

You can post a message on your website and social media page, but there’s no guarantee everyone will see it.

You can send out a mass email but many people ignore emails.

In a case like this, texting is the best way to get the news out about a cancellation due to weather.

(We also have a Phone Alerts service available that will allow you to pre-record a message and send it out as a phone call!)

Church Text Alerts Use 2: Event Reminders

Got a big event coming up? A special Christmas service perhaps? A concert? A children’s event?

You can use text alerts to inform and/or remind people about these events to help boost attendance.

This can also help prevent problems such as people forgetting to bring food for a potluck or forgetting to RSVP to a dinner.

Church Text Alerts Use 3: Ministry Updates

Text alerts can be an effective way to provide updates to people involved in specific ministries in your church.

For example, my wife is in charge of a girls’ choir at our church, so she sends out text alerts to remind the girls and their parents about information such as times and locations they are going to be singing.

You can use text alerts to let musicians know when they’re scheduled to play, or to let cleaners know if it’s their week to clean. The possibilities are endless!

Church Text Alerts Use 4: Spiritual Care

Be an encouragement to your congregation by using text alerts to send out a “Bible verse of the week” or a reminder to apply the truths from Sunday’s sermon.

You can send encouraging quotes, a brief sermon summary, links to articles online, or anything else you think might be helpful to your church members!


Try a free test account today and see if text alerts would be right for your church!

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