If you have not jumped on the text marketing bandwagon yet, you should. The fact that everyone is in to texting right now is self-evident. It’s very rare to meet someone who doesn’t text these days. (Even the elderly are testing the waters when it comes to this convenient method of communication!) With that in mind, text… Read More »

Is texting important?  Is it an effective way to connect with an audience?  The 2016 presidential candidates seem to think so. An article from Inverse.com compared and contrasted Hillary Clinton’s, Bernie Sanders’s, and Donald Trump’s use of text messaging during the recent New York primary. NPR’s Take NPR’s Scott Detrow also had a lot to… Read More »

You should text your customers. Obviously, that statement needs some qualifications and explanation, but it is true.  Plain and simple.  So I’m going to say (type) it again. You should text your customers.  The benefits of texting customers are becoming more and more apparent to businesses owners across the nations. What Not to Do Let… Read More »

To text patients or not to text patients?  That is the question. When it comes to healthcare, communication can sometimes be tricky.  What are you allowed to do in terms of contacting patients?  Do you need written consent to fall in line with TCPA regulations?  What about HIPAA guidelines? Is It Safe to Send Text… Read More »

There was a day and age when schools used phone calls as the primary means of communicating with parents and students.  Then along came emails, and that method of communication was added to the mix.  Now we have an even more effective method to integrate: texting! Niagara Falls City School District is an example of… Read More »

There are all sorts of features of your Mobile Text Alerts system that you may not be aware of!  Here are 7 useful features. Schedule a message to go out later You can easily schedule a message to go out at a specific date/time from your “Send a Message” page.  Just select the “Schedule Message to Go… Read More »

Ever get stuck and need some ideas for using your text alert system?  Sometimes the possibilities are so vast that you can get paralyzed trying to think of what to do next!  Ever wonder how other people use their text alert system? Here are some ideas to help you get “un-stuck”: Remind subscribers of contribution… Read More »

Music is a key component for churches across the nation.  Whether the style of a church service is contemporary, traditional, or a mixture, music leaders are always looking for new ways to improve organization and efficiency. Here are 5 ways to improve music ministry with text alerts. Organize musicians into relevant groups. With a text… Read More »

Years ago, texting your customers or sales leads would have been unheard of.  Texting was once reserved for family and friends, but this is no longer the case.  More and more businesses are using texting to connect with customers and bring in a higher conversion rate. Statistics In an article called “Texting Your Customers is… Read More »

The medical community is always changing and adapting to more effective ways to treat health issues.  One tool that seems to be gaining more and more ground is texting to help treat patients. Treating Diabetes ARcare in Arkansas is a healthcare organization that has added SMS text messaging as part of its treatment program for… Read More »

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