Ever get stuck and need some ideas for using your text alert system?  Sometimes the possibilities are so vast that you can get paralyzed trying to think of what to do next!  Ever wonder how other people use their text alert system? Here are some ideas to help you get “un-stuck”: Remind subscribers of contribution… Read More »

Music is a key component for churches across the nation.  Whether the style of a church service is contemporary, traditional, or a mixture, music leaders are always looking for new ways to improve organization and efficiency. Here are 5 ways to improve music ministry with text alerts. Organize musicians into relevant groups. With a text… Read More »

Years ago, texting your customers or sales leads would have been unheard of.  Texting was once reserved for family and friends, but this is no longer the case.  More and more businesses are using texting to connect with customers and bring in a higher conversion rate. Statistics In an article called “Texting Your Customers is… Read More »

The medical community is always changing and adapting to more effective ways to treat health issues.  One tool that seems to be gaining more and more ground is texting to help treat patients. Treating Diabetes ARcare in Arkansas is a healthcare organization that has added SMS text messaging as part of its treatment program for… Read More »

Sometimes it feels like we can almost breathe the stress and negativity in the air around us.  We feed off of it and inhale it like smoke until it gives us cancer of the soul.  How can we combat all of the constant, relentless pressure? Text alerts offer some practical ways to help you keep… Read More »

Church activity is something to get excited about.  What church wouldn’t want to see their ministries thriving and activity increase?  But with growing activity comes more difficulty managing and communicating with all the different ministries involved. Using a text alert system is an effective way to keep things organized and to help coordinate ministries in… Read More »

I forgot. I didn’t know. It just slipped my mind. I was busy. How many times have church leaders heard those phrases, and other similar phrases, as reasons why congregation members didn’t show up to an event?  Sometimes all that people need is a simple reminder—a gentle little push can be just the thing they… Read More »

Text Alerts vs. Push Notifications When you think about it, the ideas behind both push notifications and SMS text alerts share a lot in common. They both alert you of information relevant to you. They both are conveniently accessible from your personal device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). They are both short and to-the-point. In fact, the only… Read More »

  Jury No-Shows Many local governments have a problem with jurors not showing up when summoned.  LegalZoom reports that “as much as 80 percent of the population [are] shirking jury duty in some counties.”  And then comes the unpleasant affair of trying to get a hold of these duty-shirkers and administering appropriate punishment. Many of… Read More »

  How can banks improve communication?  The bank industry is ever-changing and adapting to keep up with the times.  In order to remain relevant, like any business, they must conform to the needs of their customers.  In addition, banks as places of employment are learning new methods to communicate with employees in a way that… Read More »

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