As more and more brands start using MMS, it’s time to join them and explore what this medium could do for your next marketing campaign. MMS allows you to go beyond the normal restrictions of text marketing, including wordcounts and the need for basic characters, to show a little more. With an MMS you can… Read More »

College counseling by text messaging? Is that really a thing? Yes, it is, and the the results are promising! A study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia showed great potential for “improvements in students’ academic performance in college” as a result of methods such as text messaging. The article describes how the study’s… Read More »

Education is so important! Our society is built around the necessity to be able to read, write, and do basic math. Parents, teachers, and school administrators constantly look for ways to improve the education system so that our kids can have the best possible future ahead of them. Can texting help? A study in the… Read More »

Summer has caught up to us so quickly! Seems like yesterday I was writing about 10 ways to use text alerts during Christmas and here we are ready for Christmas in July! And just like Christmas, summer is a perfect time to take advantage of text alerts as well. Here are 10 ways you can… Read More »

Do you want to know one of the top uses people have for text alerts? I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with the outdoors and it rhymes with Heather. Weather text alerts are immensely popular across a vast variety of organizations, from banks to churches to YMCA’s. What Are “Weather Text Alerts”?… Read More »

If you were to walk down a crowded city street, chances are that every person you would see over the age of twelve has a smartphone. Communication is easier now than it ever was, and because the technology is so accessible, even the smallest businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to utilize mobile marketing.… Read More »

Many churches have a problem. They need an efficient way to communicate with their members. Mail can be too slow. Email inboxes get so cluttered that people don’t read their messages. Not everyone has a social media account, and those that do have one don’t read every post that shows up on their feed. This… Read More »

Text alerts help transit systems be better organized. Transit systems can be complicated and ever-changing. People who rely on these systems become extremely agitated when their bus is unexpectedly delayed or canceled, or when there is some other unexpected change. Likewise, transit workers can get lost and confused in a mess of miscommunication. Here are… Read More »

If you have not jumped on the text marketing bandwagon yet, you should. The fact that everyone is in to texting right now is self-evident. It’s very rare to meet someone who doesn’t text these days. (Even the elderly are testing the waters when it comes to this convenient method of communication!) With that in mind, text… Read More »

Is texting important?  Is it an effective way to connect with an audience?  The 2016 presidential candidates seem to think so. An article from compared and contrasted Hillary Clinton’s, Bernie Sanders’s, and Donald Trump’s use of text messaging during the recent New York primary. NPR’s Take NPR’s Scott Detrow also had a lot to… Read More »

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