Fall is officially here! Fall is a favorite time of year for many people. Leaves change colors and descend from the trees. The air turns brisk. Stores promote pumpkin-flavored everything. Jackets come out of the closet and become an item of apparel worn daily. With fall come a lot of fun events: pumpkin patch outings,… Read More »

Can texting actually help people be more active? A lack of physical activity is clearly an issue in our society. Many of us spend 8 hours a day behind a desk staring at a computer.  This is certainly not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Our jobs absorb us and sometimes hours pass before we realize we haven’t… Read More »

What do court dates, reading programs, and positive affirmations have in common? Text alerts. And what does sending text alerts have to do with these things? Here are 3 ways that sending text alerts helps solve 3 unique problems. Court date reminders Some counties turn to text reminders to help reduce the number of no-shows… Read More »

Leaves fall. People come home from vacation. The hectic busyness of life starts up again. The fall season is just around the corner, if not already in full swing. The normal schedule of our busy lives begins yet again. For a church, this usually means the reinstatement of regular fall church events, children’s programs such… Read More »

Unique. New. Innovative. People always look for the next new thing. But sometimes we just need to utilize and take full advantage of what we already have. Text messaging is one of the those things. People use text messages in all sorts of interesting ways. All over the world, across the threshold of hundreds of… Read More »

  How to gauge the success of radio or TV ads? This is a question that has haunted many an advertiser. According to BusinessWire, 1-800 numbers have been a primary means for keeping track of responses to these kinds of advertisements. By setting up a 1-800 number unique to a particular ad, the marketer can… Read More »

TEXT VERSION: Mass text alerts are great for personal communication! They’re not just for business or non-profit organizations.  Here are fun and creative ways to send text alerts to connect with friends and family. 1. Birthday Parties I don’t know about your family, but my family is huge and constantly growing. It takes a lot… Read More »

Text message marketing is all the rage right now. Plenty of businesses are investing in this unexpected marketing channel – and that’s because text messages work. In this day and age, consumers treat smartphones as extensions of themselves and always keep them within reach. Mobile interactions are very personal and easily boost consumer engagement with… Read More »

Sweat, tears, excitement, intrigue— The Olympic Games cause a stir among people all over the world! The Thrills From Michael Phelps blowing past Olympians out of the water with his 26th medal (22 of which are gold medals) to the tense expectations surrounding Simone Biles as she successfully attempted to become the all-around champion for women’s… Read More »

  Texting can increase sales conversions! But how do I go about it? Where to start? What can I do to help ensure a successful SMS campaign? Pamela Hazelton of PracticalEcommerce offers some great tips on how texting can boost conversions. Hazelton remarks, “SMS has the advantage of reaching [consumers] instantly, and potentially during times when… Read More »

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