My wife and I were deathly (hyperbole) sick yesterday.  We are pretty sure that we got it from our daughter, who more than likely got it from our church’s nursery. Anytime kids gather together in masses, sickness runs rampant.  It got me thinking “how could text alerts help keep people from getting sick?” One our… Read More »

We recently had a coffee shop subscribe for text alerts.  They had great business on Monday-Friday, but were having a hard time over the weekends (a common problem among coffee shops and other beverage-focused industries).  What was their solution?  Sending a text message with $1 off large gourmet coffees.  Within 5 weeks, Saturday sales had… Read More »

Want to add an instant sense of professionalism to your business?  Why not give your customers that ability to receive package tracking via text message?   There’s a reason that some of the biggest companies in the world (Amazon, Sears, Wal-Mart, etc) use text messaging for package tracking..  Because people love it!  No one likes… Read More »

Our original industry is still our biggest industry.  We started in February 2011 as a way to provide our local church here in Lincoln, NE a church text alert system that was easy to use, and didn’t cost hundreds of dollars per month.  3 years later, church text alert systems are still our main focus.… Read More »

Several customers have started using Mobile Text Alerts for password recovery.  When someone forgets their password, most websites have a “Forgot your password” link.  Usually, this is accomplished by sending the user an email.  But why not send these passwords out as text messages instead? Emails can take several minutes to actually be delivered, and… Read More »

One of our teachers has started using text alerts in a great way to help her students from skipping school or cutting class.  She has her students in her text alert system, and when she sees that any of her students are missing (especially those who are prone to skipping class), she quickly sends them… Read More »

This has been an up and coming industry that has been utilizing text alerts for a couple of years now.  Many professional sport teams are using texts for special promotions, available tickets, and advertising; but what about little league teams? One great thing about Mobile Text Alerts is that it makes sending text alerts affordable… Read More »

One industry that has really started to pick up in its use of text alerts are gyms. Gyms are an ideal place to use text alerts, because they have a consistent membership, and they frequently have information they need to get out to their members.  Our current gyms use text alerts for all sorts of… Read More »

One great way to use text alerts that many of our churches have utilized, is to send out a Bible verse of the day.   Sign up to receive the Bible verse of the day text alerts at Please follow and like us:9

Over 65% of all the schools in the United States have implemented some kind of alert system to notify parents of announcements, emergencies, etc.  Most of these systems are voice only (automated calling).  The traditional systems do an ok job: They get a hold of about 60% of parents within 3-4 hours, but what about… Read More »

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