Today’s businesses have so many channels to choose from when designing a marketing campaign that it can be difficult to determine where to allocate budget dollars for optimal benefit. This narrowed view of marketing often results in campaigns that focus too closely on one or another strategy rather than combining technologies for best results. The… Read More »

Mass SMS is a tool that can be used for practically any organization, business, and industry! Why? Because almost everyone texts and it’s a great tool to get info out quickly! Here are 5 industries that benefit from using mass SMS and an example of how each industry uses it. 1. Direct sales industries use… Read More »

Did you know you can send mass texts with your Mobile Text Alerts account by texting in from your phone? This can be useful for if you want to get a message out quickly without having to log in to your app or log in to the control panel from a computer. A walkthrough of… Read More »

It’s that time of year again: Snow falls, streets get slick and events get canceled. Should you use text alerts for weather cancellations? Text alerts can be a great tool to help get the word out that offices are closed or an event is canceled due to weather. (You can even use a Message Template… Read More »

Looking for a way to get started with LuLaRoe texting? Or perhaps you’ve used texting for your LuLaRoe business and are looking for ways to improve? Many LuLaRoe retailers have benefitted from using text alerts for their business to increase sales and reach their customers! Here are some tips for how to get the most… Read More »

Have you ever thought about texting for Black Friday to help your business? Black Friday is an opportune time for businesses to get a lot of sales quickly by offering irresistible deals. Shoppers love getting a great deal and for this reason they love Black Friday! Deal shopping can almost become an addiction in itself,… Read More »

Looking for SMS marketing tips? You know people love texting and pay closer attention to texts than to emails, social media posts, or even phone calls. But you’re just not sure how to go about sending those messages. What kinds of SMS marketing messages would people want to receive? How often would they want to… Read More »

If you’re looking for some creative ways to boost your company’s online presence and enhance exposure to your target audience, you may want to consider launching an SMS marketing campaign. Plenty of businesses are investing in this unexpected marketing channel – and that’s because text messages work. In this day and age, consumers treat smartphones… Read More »

How is your college dealing with the dreaded summer melt? Do your admissions counselors cross their fingers and hope to hear from those students who pay a deposit to attend but never show up in the fall? Or do they spend hours reaching out to students with little to show for all their hard work?… Read More »

Be honest: Are you frustrated by your dental practice’s no-show rate? Despite having your team call and email patients, are you still seeing a higher number of no-shows than you’d like? If you can’t get a handle on this number, you’ll start compromising more than just your bottom line. As you’ll see in this guide,… Read More »

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