We all have to deal with people. Whether they are customers, clients, church members, coworkers, or whatever, these interactions happen daily in a professional setting. Sometimes everything goes smoothly. But sometimes, more often than we would like, dealing with people can frustrating. Oh, so very frustrating. Having worked as a telephone interviewer (calling different… Read More »

Youth pastors and church youth group leaders have a tough job. They have to deal with so much—from drama between adolescents with raging hormones to complaining parents with unreasonably high expectations. Truly, youth pastors and leaders don’t get paid enough for their job (if they get paid anything!). Here are some tips that may help… Read More »

Since the birth of text messaging and the 160 character limit that came with them, people have developed their own kind of “text lingo” to try and get the same ideas across with fewer characters. No longer did people use punctuation, words that had the sound of numbers within them were changed to include the… Read More »

This post really has nothing to do with Mobile Text Alerts, and is really more just about my curiosity.  Has anyone ever tried speed reading? I recently stumbled across http://www.spreeder.com/ and I thought it was very interesting.  I read quite a bit, so I thought this tool might really help save a lot of time. Basically… Read More »

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