Customer support is hard. It requires delicate interpersonal skills and a lot of discernment. Support reps can use all the help and reminders they can get! In light of this, here are 6 things you should never do when speaking to a customer. (Did you know you can connect with your customers via text alerts?… Read More »

Are there right or wrong ways to go about texting? My opinion is yes, just as there are right or wrong ways to go about writing an email or starting a conversation face-to-face. For example, you wouldn’t (typically) just run up to someone and shout in their face. Likewise, there are good and bad ways… Read More »

Apple is rolling out its new iPhone update this coming fall and some of the features they’re introducing are quite interesting! Will this new update change how iPhone users use text messaging? Here are 13 new iPhone texting features that you need to be aware of. Using your finger to hand-write messages With the new… Read More »

Texting has now been around for so many years that you’d think it would start getting outdated. But actually, in many ways texting is at its prime. Texting is proving itself to be useful enough to contribute in saving people’s lives in new and innovative ways! Texting 911 One way that text messages are saving lives is… Read More »

What are your teens really texting?  What are they actually saying to each other? In this day and age, kids and teens have their own texting language.  Gone are the simple days when all you needed to know was LOL and BRB.  IDK where the time went!  Back in the day we chatted with our… Read More »

With all the negative feedback we seem to hear about teens and texting, you may be surprised to hear that the teen texting craze may actually be a positive thing. Psychologist Marion Underwood conducted a longitudinal study over the span of many years in which she scrutinized the text messages and emails of a sample… Read More »

Now, I’m not sexist but I do recognize that there can sometimes be a huge difference between men and women.  One of the ways this difference can manifest itself is through how men and women approach texting. In light of that, I thought it might be useful for both sexes to discuss the reality and… Read More »

Life hacks are all the rage right now, so I thought I would do a little digging and find some technology life hacks to make you feel organized and awesome!   PopSugar has some great life hacks, including the following: Using the hands of Lego characters to hold cords and wires Putting your phone in… Read More »

Technology can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong; I love smartphones, laptops, tablets, and all that jazz.  But if not monitored correctly, these useful tools can become a source of much grief for families as more and more teens and pre-teens (and even adults!) engage in potentially destructive behaviors such as “sexting.”… Read More »

  The key to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  Everyone eats, after all!  What better way to brighten up your co-workers’ (or co-volunteers’) day in the office than by ordering food for all to share? But ordering food for everyone can be pricey—what are the best (inexpensive) places to order in for the… Read More »

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