You remember that new word wexting? As in, walking while texting? Well, apparently the walking while texting phenomenon is not limited to the United States. In Toronto, Canada, a majority of voters sampled agreed that the city council should place a ban on texting while crossing the street. Only 35% of those sampled disagreed with… Read More »

Back when I was a kid (when we washed all our clothes by hand and trekked five miles in the snow to get to school… just kidding) there were two places I loved to go: the public library and the movie theater.  These were places filled with fun, freedom, and excitement, even if stuffy librarians… Read More »

I keep seeing it over and over again: strange stories and reports of people texting while walking.  From falling into manholes to getting your leg stuck in a street drain to walking into a bear, there have been all sorts of humorous accidents due to “wexting” (walking and texting). But the pitfalls of texting while… Read More »

  Adding to the discussion regarding the invention of the phone-brella, girls falling into manholes, and the government giving out millions of dollars to prevent texting injuries, we now come to the next chapter in the “people love texting so much” series: the creation of the word “wexting.” Yes, people are actually using this word… Read More »

Texting while walking strikes again.  This really must be a more serious problem than I thought.  It even found its way into the Accident Prevention and Analysis journal in a study that concluded, “Using a mobile phone while walking puts pedestrians at risk of accident, injury or death.” Sounds pretty serious!  Data from the study… Read More »

We’ve already discussed how events such as the invention of the Phone-brella proves humanity’s love for texting.  But as I was doing some more research, I found more evidence of mankind’s love affair with this technology: accidents related to texting while walking. Girl Falls into Manhole In Staten Island, NY, 15 year-old Alexa Longueira fell… Read More »

More and more I am becoming aware of how much people love texting.  I mean, really love it.  You might even say that we have an obsession.  Don’t believe me?  Here I present some evidence proving humanity’s love for texting. 1. The Phone-brella Have you ever been out in the rain, holding your umbrella, frustrated as you… Read More »