Churches make up a huge portion of our customers.  Many of you are loyal customers that use our text alert services for your churches, and we are so thankful for you all! Recognizing the ever-growing need for a text alert system among churches across the nation, we are excited to announce a new development in… Read More »

There are many upgrades available to you in addition to your normal Mobile Text Alerts services.  The “Upgrades” page on your Control Panel gives you a list of upgrades you can purchase. All Upgrades Clicking the “All Upgrades” link will give you a list of all upgrades available at a glance. You can click on… Read More »

Have you ever thought about using mobile surveys to interact with your group?  Curious about your subscribers’ opinions on a particular topic?  Trying to get a head count for an upcoming event?  The ability to generate and send out mobile surveys is a new feature that is available for your Mobile Text Alerts account. With… Read More »

View the video version of this tutorial here: With your Mobile Text Alerts account you can set up and send message templates. Contents: I. What Are Message Templates? II. How Can I Use Message Templates? III. How Do I Create a Message Template? IV. How Do I Send Message Templates? V. How Can I Send Message Templates by… Read More »

After many requests, we are happy to announce a new feature that you can add on to your Mobile Text Alerts services: MMS Messages! What is an MMS Message? Your normal text messages are SMS (short message service) messages.  SMS messages are convenient and useful, but there is no capability for them to include images,… Read More »

We are excited to announce a new feature for Mobile Text Alerts customers: a message replies inbox!  With this new feature, when you send out a message, any replies to your message can be viewed from your “Message Replies” page on your Control Panel.   You can see the name, number, and date/time that your… Read More »

We are almost finished developing a new control panel to make your mass texting experience even easier!  The new control panel will be completely responsive and will be mobile/tablet-friendly, making it more convenient than ever.  In addition, it will be able to quickly handle lists with over 500,000 subscribers.  Here are some screenshots of what… Read More »

After many requests, we have finally been able to implement shortcode keywords!  We now have access to the 48421 shortcode. With the new shortcode, your subscribers will be able to text your keyword in to 48421 (instead of our normal 10-digit phone number) to be subscribed to your system.   Your potential subscribers will greatly appreciate not having… Read More »

After many requests, Mobile Text Alerts now has the ability to make mass phone calls. Text messaging is still considered the most effective way to get a hold of people, but what about those people without text messaging? As hard as it is to believe, there are some people who have not made the jump… Read More »

For over 3 years, this has been the Mobile Text Alerts dashboard: Many of you love it, many of you hate it. We are in the works of releasing a new control panel that is hopefully a little more user-friendly, and makes sending text messages even easier. Here is a sneak preview of the new… Read More »

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