We are very excited to release the first version of our new Live Assistant feature. What does the Live Assistant feature do? We created the Live Assistant feature with the goal of helping you run your live sales more effectively. The Live Assistant will watch your live sale, and keep track of “sold” comments, so… Read More »

Text Message Loyalty Rewards Program Our developers are always looking for ways to make Mobile Text Alerts more useful to you. So we have introduced a new feature — a text message loyalty rewards program. We have had many people ask for a text message-based loyalty rewards program. People have been looking for a way to keep… Read More »

With your Mobile Text Alerts account you’re able to purchase as many additional keywords as you need! Keywords on a shortcode allow people to text in to a short 5 digit number to be subscribed to your text alerts. This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate the “Manage Keywords” page. Purchase a Keyword… Read More »

You can change various features of your account from your “Settings” page. This tutorial will walk you through the different aspects that you can edit. Account Settings The first aspect of the “Settings” page is “Account Settings”: This page allows you to change general settings for your account. From here you can change your keyword. Changing… Read More »

There are many upgrades available to you in addition to your normal Mobile Text Alerts services.  The “Upgrades” page on your Control Panel gives you a list of upgrades you can purchase. All Upgrades Clicking the “All Upgrades” link will give you a list of all upgrades available at a glance. You can click on… Read More »

Your Sent Messages Report allows you to view all of the messages you have sent from your account.  This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate this report. Clicking on the “Sent Messages Report” link will take you to this screen: This report shows you a list of all messages you have sent in… Read More »

A useful feature of Mobile Text Alerts is the ability to set up administrators for your account. Setting up administrators allows several advantages. It allows multiple people access to send messages from your Control Panel. It allows group leaders to send messages by texting in with their own personal phones. It allows group leaders to… Read More »

The ability to organize your subscribers into groups is a useful feature of Mobile Text Alerts, enabling you to send out messages to different groups (such as “choir,” “staff,” or other relevant groups) rather than having to individually select recipients every time you want to send a message. This tutorial will walk you through how… Read More »

If you have a list of subscribers you want to import into your account, you can do so from the “Import Subscribers” page. Format and Template This message will appear at the top of the page, explaining what format your spreadsheet needs to be in: You can also click on the “template spreadsheet” link to… Read More »

The “Manage Subscribers” page allows you to view, add, edit, and remove subscribers from your account.  This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate that page. Viewing Your Subscribers   This table shows you all the subscribers on your account.  At a glance you can view subscribers’ first names, last names, phone numbers, email… Read More »

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