View a video version of this tutorial here: The Basics Having people text in to join your subscriber list is easy!  Subscribers can sign up for your text alert system by texting your keyword to 662-200-4303 (we also have shortcodes, or five-digit numbers, available).  What is a keyword? Your keyword is a unique identifier for… Read More »

Did you know you can organize your subscribers into groups? This is awesome for sorting your subscribers and making sure your recipients only receive the messages that are relevant to them. STEP 1: CREATE A GROUP First you need to create your groups so that you have categories in which you can sort your subscribers.… Read More »

“Keyword” is a term we throw around a lot here at Mobile Text Alerts. What is a “keyword” in regards to your text alert account? What do you need to know about using text alert keywords? Definition To put it simply, your keyword is a word unique to your account that potential subscribers can text… Read More »

There’s a problem. You want to send a mass text message. Maybe you want to give an announcement to your employees. Or maybe you’re a pastor and you want to let your congregation know that you’re canceling church services. Or maybe you just have a really large family and want to let them know where to… Read More »

View a video version of this tutorial here: You can’t take full advantage of your Mobile Text Alerts services if you don’t know how to manage your subscribers! This tutorial will show you how to add, edit, and delete subscribers manually from to “Manage Subscribers” section of your control panel. Adding Subscribers To add a… Read More »

Trying to figure out how people can sign up to receive texts from you? Your Mobile Text Alerts system allows 3 different ways people can sign up for text alerts. Texting in An easy way for people to sign up for text alerts is by texting your keyword in to our system’s number 662-200-4303 (or… Read More »

One of the awesome features of your Mobile Text Alerts system is the ability for subscribers to be added to your list by texting your keyword in to our system. The issue some people have with this text-in feature is that they think it doesn’t allow subscribers to include as much information as the sign-up… Read More »

Maybe you’re struggling to get the most out of your text alert system.  Maybe you’re going strong but just want to make sure you’re getting everything out of your text alerts that you possibly can.  Or perhaps you are contemplating purchasing a system and want to know details about all the features Mobile Text Alerts… Read More »

You can change various features of your account from your “Settings” page. This tutorial will walk you through the different aspects that you can edit. Account Settings The first aspect of the “Settings” page is “Account Settings”: This page allows you to change general settings for your account. From here you can change your keyword. Changing… Read More »

Check out our video tutorial on the basics of sending a message through your Mobile Text Alerts Control Panel! Please follow and like us:9

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