View a video version of this tutorial here: Did you know that you can import a list of subscribers to receive your text messages?  All you need is a spreadsheet in the correct format and you can import dozens (or hundreds) of subscribers at once!  Here are 6 simple instructions on how to add subscribers… Read More »

Using Phone Alerts Sometimes you may want the capability to not only send out mass text messages but also mass voice messages.  Your Mobile Text Alerts account can be set up to send out pre-recorded voice messages.  Using this useful “phone alerts” feature is easy!  Simply follow these steps. Contact us. You can contact us via… Read More »

The ability to organize your subscribers into groups is a useful feature of Mobile Text Alerts, enabling you to send out messages to different groups (such as “choir,” “staff,” or other relevant groups) rather than having to individually select recipients every time you want to send a message.  Getting started with “groups” is easy. Table… Read More »

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