Is texting still relevant? Is it still prominent, or is it going out of style? Why would you sign up for a mass messaging system? The truth is that texting is alive, well, and growing. More and more organizations are taking advantage of the power of texting as they recognize that it is the best… Read More »

While text messaging, or texting, may dominate your everyday social communications, there is an unspoken protocol in place when it comes to texting colleagues and business associates. Here you will find some helpful hints to spare you some awkward texting gaffes, and as a result, help you maintain good rapport in the workplace. (Many of these tips… Read More »

Is texting important?  Is it an effective way to connect with an audience?  The 2016 presidential candidates seem to think so. An article from compared and contrasted Hillary Clinton’s, Bernie Sanders’s, and Donald Trump’s use of text messaging during the recent New York primary. NPR’s Take NPR’s Scott Detrow also had a lot to… Read More »

The ability to import subscribers from a pre-existing list is a useful feature of your Mobile Text Alerts system.  Although the process is simple enough, here are 5 tips and tricks to help save you time and frustration. Make sure your column headings are in the right format. The only necessary column heading is a… Read More »

Did you know that with Mobile Text Alerts you can send a message directly from your mobile phone by texting in to our system’s number 229-299-8227?  You can easily cut through all the steps involved in logging in to your control panel to send out messages! You can read our brief walkthrough of how to… Read More »

Most businesses and organizations are always looking for new ways to bring in more customers or members.  What’s so great about text messages?  We’ve already discussed reasons and ways to get started using SMS text message marketing. (For more reasons why you should use SMS text message marketing, read this from Huffington Post.) Building on… Read More »

If you send out a message and subscribers reply to your message, you can view these replies from an inbox on your Control Panel.  This tutorial will walk you through the “Message Replies” page. The Inbox Your Message Replies Inbox looks like this:   From this page you will be able to see a detailed… Read More »

Business marketing is so tricky!  It takes a lot of planning, researching, observing, experimenting, and (if we’re honest) a bit of guesswork. Among all this educated guesswork is the wonderful world of text marketing.  While text marketing sounds like a great idea, the concept can be quite overwhelming, especially for small businesses.  Where do you… Read More »

We live in a text-happy world.  Everyone from 8-year-olds to 88-year-olds seems to be texting! Despite the prevalence of texting throughout society, many people still misuse and abuse it in their everyday lives.  (I suppose it should come as no surprise; people have abused words as long as language has been around!) We need some… Read More »

If you have added MMS messages (media messages) onto your regular texting services, then you are able to send text messages with images, audio, or other media.  This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate the “Send a MMS Message” page. Send Message to a Group From the “Send Message to a Group” box… Read More »

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