All right, it’s time to get your hands ready (you know you can’t resist), because what I want to talk about today is the “Y… M… C-A”!  (Cue hand motions.) The Y Seriously, though, apart from the catchy song, what’s so great about the YMCA?  Since many YMCA’s have chosen to utilize Mobile Text Alerts’… Read More »

We are almost finished developing a new control panel to make your mass texting experience even easier!  The new control panel will be completely responsive and will be mobile/tablet-friendly, making it more convenient than ever.  In addition, it will be able to quickly handle lists with over 500,000 subscribers.  Here are some screenshots of what… Read More »

Many “text from computer” services only allow for texting one number at a time.  That can be fine if you just need to send a few texts every once in a while, but what about if you need to send texts to multiple people at the same time?  Sending mass texts through these services is… Read More »

Wouldn’t it be nice to be instantly notified when there has been crime or suspicious activity in your area? Some communities are actually utilizing text alerts to accomplish this very goal. An article from the Cork News details how more than a million text alerts have been sent in Ireland since September 2013 as a… Read More »

As the world moves more and more towards being mobile-driven, many public services have begun taking advantage of the new technology to improve our society. One way many organizations is using text alerts is to cut down on crime.   Starting in June of 2014, the four major wireless carriers started allowing free texts to… Read More »

You’ve seen them shuffling down the street, eyes glued to 4-inch screens, fingers tip-tapping away. To say that young people are in love with their smartphones would be an understatement: It’s more like they’re obsessed, confirms a new study out by Zogby Analytics. Almost 90% of Millennials say their phones never leave their sides. The… Read More »

Something many churches are using to get their congregation more involved is to text the verse of the day.   This is especially useful for the youth in the church who use texting so often. It makes perfect sense to reach these students where they are at, and engage them with the Bible on their… Read More »

Most recent surveys indicate that 90% of adults have a cell phone, and about 60% of Americans have a smart phone. Out of these cell phone users, nearly 30% of them say that their phones are a device they “can’t imagine living without.”   Also, out of these cell phone users, nearly 75% say they… Read More »

All efforts you make as a business (or really a non-profit, or any other organization) should have measures in place to have some idea as to your effort’s effectiveness. So many organizations spend so much time trying to accomplish so many things without ever stopping to consider if their efforts are actually accomplishing something. Businesses should never… Read More »

Since the birth of text messaging and the 160 character limit that came with them, people have developed their own kind of “text lingo” to try and get the same ideas across with fewer characters. No longer did people use punctuation, words that had the sound of numbers within them were changed to include the… Read More »

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